Parliamentary Finance talking about bringing international companies to invest oil sectors, agriculture and industry

Special scales News - He said the parliamentary finance committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed, Saturday, for bringing foreign investment companies to set up important projects Order futures and common national companies on the national production sectors of agriculture, industry and the oil in Iraq.

He said Mohammed's / scales News / "The lack of funds and its impacts on the state budget after a drop in oil prices and the state of austerity and fiscal deficits prompting the government to move towards investment and the private sector to activate and move linked to a series of stages to complete structural and investment projects at all levels," adding that "those The move was based directly on bringing foreign investment companies in order to complete the projects filial sectors of industry, agriculture and oil through deferred payment."

And noted a member of the parliamentary finance committee that "these companies will encourage national companies to activate and support the national product to increase the financial resources because of its expertise in this area," revealing "requiring government ministries Baqrartha for activating and supporting national companies in order to support" national production "and improve the level of the national economy to counter the threat of lower oil prices and fiscal deficits in the budgets of the financial state."

It is said that "in the economic and investment commission member of the parliamentary detection, earlier, L / scales News /, for" providing his committee 50 a proposal to the central government for about support 2016 budget, "noting that" the most prominent of these proposals to activate the role of national companies in supporting the economy National local products."

The "Member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Najiba Najib confirmed the issuance of special government instructions on access to other alternative financial resources from oil to the implementation of economic development projects."

And suffering "Iraq from a severe financial crisis due to lower oil prices, which is a leading supplier of financial budget" .anthy / 29 / d 24