Iraqi Korean agreement on the development of new training workshops fit in with the requirements of the labor market


The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs for joint cooperation between Iraq and South Korea in the field of vocational training and to agree on the development of new training workshops fit in with the labor market requirements announced. And transfer to a ministry statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, from the Director General of the Vocational Training Department, Aziz Ibrahim, say that "the department signed a meeting with the Korean Agency which includes a summary of the study and survey conducted by the Korean experts for the duration of 12-18 in last September during Minutes visit Project rehabilitation and development of the Korean Iraqi Center. "He added that the" Korean experts held a series of meetings with competent staff in the department to discuss the rehabilitation of the Korean Iraqi center in terms of construction and processing, "adding that" experts also made ​​field visits to central saffron and Basmaja vocational training for the workshop training there.
"He explained Ibrahim said" the department agreed with the agency [KOICA] to cancel and the introduction of some workshops such as removing the carpentry workshop and the development workshop elevators and escalators in line with the Iraqi labor market requirements, alluding to the agreement on the development and the addition of new branches in the old training workshops and updated According to labor market needs, and included workshops [Auto, and welding of tubes, electron, and computers].
"He said he" was determined need the center to experts Koreans number nine relevant experts for workshop training, construction and follow-up to modernize the building center to suit the requirements of the new workshops that will be developed. "
The official in the Ministry of Labour, said that "the ministry is working in cooperation with KOICA] on the completion of the second phase of support [center Korean Alaraca-] a grant of five million dollars under the agreement between the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Agency [KOICA]" pointing out that "implementation period The project will be [48] months.
"He pointed out that" the Korean International Cooperation Agency [KOICA] is one of the first agencies that took the initiative to provide support to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs after 2003 through the establishment of the Korean Iraqi center, which was carried out in 2006-2007 with a budget of ten million dollars, as well as outsourcing and support vocational training in all fields as well as the possibility of coordination in the process of training and developing the capabilities of the Angels Altdrebeh.