Najafi condemns Israel's attacks on Palestine and calls to take punitive action against it

Chairman Dan united coalition for reform Osama Najafi attacks the Israeli army against the Palestinian people. Nujaifi said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of "Matqom the Israeli army against the Palestinian people and patient of the killings and the arrest and the displacement and bombing the homes of innocent people, which most recently killed a Palestinian girl is not the only things she expressed displeasure over the actions of the occupation forces requires action seriously to ensure response usurped rights of the people. "He denounced the" excessive use of violence, sadism and strength against inherent in Palestine cherished Arab people who came out in demonstrations dignity to express their rights usurped and the use of the Zionist entity, the style of starvation, intimidation, blockade and excessive force and killing in cold blood.
"He called Najafi Arab governments and the University of Arab countries and the United Nations and all the human rights and humanitarian organizations to "take a real role to defend the rights of the oppressed people and to take all deterrent measures and by all means to deter this usurper entity and to stop its attacks against the Palestinian people," calling "to work seriously to ensure response usurped rights of the people and to live This oppressed people in peace and security, so that the neglect of this aspect and the silence on the crimes would generate focus overdo it difficult to address them, calling on the Palestinian people and patient to the Stability and do not waste any rights and call for the wounded uprising speedy recovery and martyrs of Palestine in heaven. It is said that Palestine is witnessing several days ago confrontations between the Israeli army and the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank .