Parliamentary Finance: 29 trillion dinars deficit in 2016 budget

Information / special / .. the parliamentary finance committee confirmed Saturday that the general federal Malmoisnh for the year 2016 deficit had reached 29 trillion Iraqi dinars, noting that this is because of reduction in the budget of 113 trillion dinars to 100 trillion. The committee member said Masood Haider told / information /, "The 2016 budget was built on the basis of making a barrel of oil set at $ 35 per barrel and that's why the real budget deficit," noting that "the mistake dependence on oil continuously so we must do other economic doors." He said Haider said "the region passing through difficult times and harder than that the security conditions in which the country experienced being a need huge amounts of money to meet the war, which the security forces led by the requirements ", adding that" the 2016 budget deficit of 29 trillion dinars. "He explained that" the government and parliament in the current circumstances are moving to reduce the budget of 113 trillion dinars to 100 trillion. "The country suffers from a severe financial and economic crisis because of lower oil prices and rising costs of the war on Daash criminal, Alanr which prompted the government to follow the austerity system and reduce government expenditure, and building the financial budget on the price of a barrel 35 Dolra.