A significant decrease on the Kartat communication and citizen replaces the applications of smart phones

Dinars / Abbas Al passengers / .. Turn most citizens to the use of smart phone applications, "Facebook and fiber and Alouette SAP and other" temporary solution, after he decided to contact companies raise prices Kartat packing because of the imposition of an increase in tax rates by the Iraqi government. While shown some blocks political surprise of veto government most budget materials and the application of the article on raising the prices Kartat packing, without work on the development of mobile phone companies in the position of legal accountability for violating work in Iraq for decades. reneged phone companies to raise the prices of Kartat Shipping mobile phone, in the midst of the suffering of the Iraqi people Crisis successive and lack of basic services such as electricity, water and rising food prices, to add a new burden on the Iraqi citizen simple, which probably does not exceed the daily income of about 10 000 dinars, equivalent to less than 8 billion US dollars. The came the subject of raising the prices of Kartat packing for Economic under which to charge Federal Government and to some officials in collusion with those operating the country's companies and took financial ratios, including return for keeping silent about irregularities.
says citizenship "Khadija Hussein," we've relying on smart phone applications of "wi fi" because of the high prices Kartat packing of a sudden, I do I contact the house my family for hours for free and through video calls sometimes relying on the "net" rather than networks lousy and expensive at the same time.
While citizens demanded Others Iraqi government and the Ministry of Communications and the Telecommunications Authority need to establish a national telecommunications company Alasta y "Abbas al-Musawi," 35-year-old says he The Iraqi government has a responsibility to protect the consumer citizen of greed mobile phone companies civil through pricing Kartat packing issued by it and improve the quality of services provided by them, because customers while buys "SIM card" of a certain telecommunications company, he has conjunction official contract with them in addition to the figure its has become known to his friends or co-workers and the difficulty that the replace Besim another card and another company because of misconduct by the company or to raise it Kartat packaging prices, in order to provide the Iraqi people good services must either put pressure on those companies need to comply with the instructions or that the government in all its formations associated with the communications you create connections and unified national company by relying on the mail and telegraph departments have, goes back material benefit to the country, especially that he is going through an economic crisis and a large austerity, and perhaps there may be corrupt behind this fictional prices for Kartat packing officials.
As directed the Ministry of Communications , fingered the CMC of obstructing the establishment of the National Company of the mobile phone, while saying it was the last reservation to the ministry stressed that the current potential "do not qualify" for the management of such a company.
The oldest Undersecretary for Technical Affairs in the Ministry of Communications, Amir al-Bayati, said in a statement, "The ministry created the supplies necessary to launch a fourth license for mobile phone networks of their national company," adding that "the ministry of infrastructure, towers and positions of prime minister and the Committee on Parliamentary Services to give it the fourth license."
felt al-Bayati, that "the only problem that hinder the launch of the company National mobile phone is to reject the CMC to grant the license to the ministry, "noting that" the Commission wants the ministry not operate the same techniques used by mobile phone companies operating in Iraq currently an ACL, and Zain and Cork.
"states that he was launching a popular crackdown on social networking sites under the name of the campaign (Lutfi mobile) in protest against the decision of some mobile phone companies to raise Kartat shipping prices due to taxes that have been imposed by the central government on these companies recently, "according to Matdeih those companies."
The mobile phone companies confirmed that they have to start to impose 20% K "sales tax" on cards and packaging for electronic mobile phone companies / Kartat mobile / from U 01/08/2015.
Some mobile phone companies, published in the short message "SMS" sent "The Ministerial Order issued by the Ministry of Finance of the General Authority for taxes for all companies mobile communications, as the first day of the month of August is the start of "collecting" taxes them according to the rates.
She said companies that "the transfer of sales tax and the $ 20% of the nominal value are installed on the scratch cards and electronic tired for prepaid service and monthly bills for payment service on credit as a "sales tax" of users.
"It was a vote on the increase in the Council of Ministers within the 2015 budget so that the price of increased shipping Kart 5000 class to 6,500 dinars, and Carte Shipping 10,000 thousand dinars became at a price of 13 000 dinars, starting from the first of the month of August .
For its part, it has set up Shrine of the Holy official ceremony for the signing of a partnership agreement between them on the one hand and company security for communications on the other hand, for the development of the telecommunications sector, which has become an urgent necessity that can not be dispensed with, as well as ensuring the provision of real and good for the Iraqi people connect to the service.