A US expert on war crimes: Assad million times worst of our problems with al-Maliki

Twilight News / said Stephen Rapp, a former US ambassador for war crimes, said that Bashar al-Assad is a million times worse than the issues and problems faced in Iraq with the former prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki.
This came in an interview with CNN, where rap "All of us want to have peace, he said, and know that it is difficult to negotiate it, 80 per cent of the population in Syria, killing one of their families, whether brother or father or brother and other .. Assad does not represent the future of Syria, the future of the country boasts the Alawites and the people of his community and other communities, but on everyone to stand with some, we had problems in Iraq with Nuri al-Maliki, but this person (Bashar Assad) Worst million times regarding the collection of state and standardization and this can not be the future. " "I spoke with the banner of a Syrian dissident who told me that they were throwing thousands of bombs on opposition websites while they threw one to organize Daash bomb .. This person (Bashar Assad) useless with regard to fighting organization he helped Daash .. access to a better future Syria is difficult to access, but for a better future for the country the existence of Bashar al-Assad is impossible .. and the people who are standing next to expose themselves to the risk of prosecution. "
And about the person who can replace Bashar al-Assad, Raab said: "Certainly there are other names, and there are many who want to see a better future for Syria .. killing and torture of persons can not be the way to a better future."