Maliki's (et): Barzani is responsible for violence in the region

Brother Sam and Mullah - Download MP for the coalition of state law, Ali Sobhi al-Maliki, "the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, the responsibility of violence in the region, and the deaths and injuries caused by their legitimate demands."
Maliki said in a statement singled out by the reporter for News Agency (et) "we warned that up the situation in the region on what it is in case clung Barzani in office," warning at the same time "the continuation of the demonstrations and breadth in the absence of Barzani's response to the demands of the demonstrators and its continuation in power."

He said the "Barzani perched on the issuance of the Kurds for decades, the Kurdish people and mention Saddam and the siege and all what is bad", adding that "there are a lot of claims to sack Barzani for his cooperation with Saddam Hussein, which is still usurp the presidency of the region."

"The demonstrations clear result of the resentment of the Kurdish people to rule the Barzani, which led to the explosion and out demonstrations and wide have been lengthened more if continued adherence," pointing out that "Barzani took over all the region's wealth and gave high-level positions to his children and his nephews and his family."

"The House of Representatives authorized Abadi implementation of the demands of the demonstrators, and he has to solve the problem of Kurdistan and Barzani take out of power, even if summoned Thread power," stressing that "the House of Representatives will have the final say in the event of Submit a request to the provincial parliament to dismiss Barzani."

The dozens of people the center of the province of Sulaymaniyah demonstrated on Saturday to demand regardless employees' salaries and reducing corruption and reforms in the Kurdistan region, where they cut Molloy Street, while demonstrators threw Kurdistan Democratic Party building east of the province with stones, but the building's guards returned fire on them, wounding six demonstrators.

And saw several cities in the Sulaymaniyah on Saturday (October 10, 2015), demonstrations demanding irrespective staff salaries and reforms in the region.