Jaafari paid salaries a mentally handicapped before 2003 in London
Date: Saturday 10-10-15 04:50 pm

According to reports from the British Embassy in Baghdad, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, was paid a salary when he was a refugee in
Britain has granted the compensation due to the difficult and delicate mental condition which transformed British Medical Committee issued its final report, and diagnosed as severe hysteria live requires barred from work, and submitted it for retirement and pay.
You may reference the number of daily politics in her former Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari in Britain for 12 years during which it did not exercise its competence is assumed, although medical graduate of the Faculty of medicine at Mosul University the year 1973, but failed his medical inability to pass the test required first and psychiatric condition. And add that Al-Jaafari, who was named Ibrahim Ahmed alashiker shift work khamldar aumravk and religious preacher of Hajj for Iraqi refugee arrivals from Britain and Scandinavia deposited life medicine and politics.
And while the newspaper said retired turns itself to the head of Government in a country teeming with psychopaths like Iraq. So imagine the catastrophe and misfortune. And actually it was Jaafari's tenure of the ugliest periods of governance in Iraq, where the bloody chapters and the terrible humanitarian disasters, even deteriorating conditions forced the Americans to press for the dismissal of Al-Jaafari and the attribution of power to his Deputy in the party proceeding Nouri al-Maliki in the summer of 2006,.
Iraq had always been failures who make history, and they who determine the critical bends and who were the cause of the loss and the introduction of the Division in the maze of failure and remorse, the intellectual and political chaos and confusion of ideas and perceptions due to the Foundation of misery and failure of the ruling political elite and the sophistic and Twitter speak