Educational bodies and the staff of customs in Sulaymaniyah renew their demonstrations to demand their salaries

Sulaymaniyah / Baghdadi News / ... renewed educational bodies and the staff of customs in Sulaymaniyah, Saturday, demonstrations to demand overdue salaries.

A reporter / Baghdadi News /, that "the number of teachers and teachers demonstrated, this morning, in front of Kalar Educational Directorate in the province of Sulaymaniyah, demanding their overdue salaries."

He announced the protesters for "their support for the demonstrations on Friday evening, in Qaladiza to maintain."

The demonstrators demanded the owners of shops in Kalar to "shut down their shops for two hours." Without elaborating further details.

In a related context, the Directorate of Customs Ckramaan "staff announced strike action", demanding to "getting paid".

The correspondent said that "demonstrations Klar did not witness any violence and peaceful it until now," noting that "the demonstrators denounced attacks on party headquarters and acts of violence," .anthy 21 / N