Central Bank IRAN in foreign exchange market by dealers is self-reinforcing approach
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Thread: Central Bank IRAN in foreign exchange market by dealers is self-reinforcing approach

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    Central Bank IRAN in foreign exchange market by dealers is self-reinforcing approach

    Central Bank in the foreign exchange market by dealers is self-reinforcing approach

    14 Persian date Mehr 1394
    (3 October 2015 Persian Calendar: Link)

    Chairman of the Central Bank said that the money changers have self-control in the foreign exchange market to strengthen macroeconomic control and market conditions are improving, said the epicenter of the dealers in the foreign exchange market, provide relaxation and balance.

    Public Relations Department of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, but Saif Ullah dealers in a meeting with members of the Iranian central bank said in the past, unfortunately, the capacity of dealers in a calm part of the economy of the country is not used as it should be. As for the role of transparent elections to elect members of the board of the central bank supervision department in the course of the inspections necessary to this process in the health and integrity of the selection qualified, self-control policy, a common practice in these professional bodies is not possible to implement.

    Head of the Money and Credit Council, stating that the central bank is interested in cooperation with dealers in the currency market focus, create peace and stability, he said we should all be trying to make peace in this market to take advantage of the currency market speculators withdrawn. In such an environment, the economy and the market certainly predictable for economic actors are provided.

    He continued, with the rate based on average trading at the Stock Exchange website www.sanarate.irauthorized obtained, shows the average real rate of currency transactions.

    Chairman of the Central Bank stressed the need to adapt the regulations and instructions issued by the Central Bank set Srafyha said Iranian traders focus on health and health should help exchange transactions and by providing expert advice to the Central Bank, stable and peaceful activities for activists providing market.

    He added: I hope the money changers, including statements Association members and chairman of the Center for calming the market.

    Hamid Thranfr, supervisory deputy central bank also said at the meeting: Institute for dealers must be more active and serious role in the relaxation of the market, and it is through this focus Srafyhay allowed to raise their own demands.

    He said: Fortunately, most dealers are committed and willing to work within the framework of legal rules and regulations issued by the central bank. In recent guidelines, the conditions for permitted activities facilitated exchange and to review possible shortcomings will be resolved.

    President of the Center for dealers: the central bank's strong arm

    Said Mojtahedi President of the Supreme Supervisory Council dealers focus in the meeting emphasized the serious commitment of new members to cooperate more with the central bank at serve our dear people with the implementation of regulations issued by said: We know the executive arm of the central bank's policy Iranian traders focus and effort in this regard is the implementation of legal regulations.

    He also called for the provision of legal cooperation in the exchange of the currency exchange.

    Abdul bit Lfth, Secretary General of the Association of dealers also said the central bank may wish to focus your comments on August 93 issued revised guidelines provide.

    He suggested Srafyha performance monitoring market dealers Association, supported by the central bank could have an important role in the discipline of the market.

    According to him, if the monitoring center for vocational education under the supervision of the Central Bank implemented, will help to calm the market.

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