Weights returns to financial balance in 2016: It may be reduced to 100 trillion dinars

Special - scales News - He favored the parliamentary finance committee member Massoud Rostam, Saturday, returned the next financial budget for 2016 to the Ministry of Finance to review some paragraphs.

Said Rustam's / scales News / "The committee made some suggestions and observations on the financial budget for next year to the presidency of the parliament, and the Council of Ministers also made many proposals and observations on the budget," adding that "it is possible that the financial budget for next year go back to the Ministry of Finance During the past few days to address the paragraphs of the budget in accordance with the observations made by the Council of Ministers and the Parliamentary Committee."

He said the parliamentary finance committee member, said "the government and parliament may heading to reduce the 2016 budget of 113 trillion dinars to 100 trillion," noting that "the ministerial committee which was formed to discuss the increase in oil revenues will not be able to link to 10% of revenue, a Maineks negatively on revenue the budget."

The "Ministry of Finance has submitted a draft 2016 budget expenditure of up to 113 trillion dinars divided its operation budget is estimated at 83 Trliuna and investment budget by 30 Trliuna"

It is said that "the parliamentary finance committee member Sarhan Ahmed Sarhan said L / scales News /, earlier, that the budget in 2016 without functional allocations because there are economic and financial crisis as a result of the deterioration of oil prices, which led to the collapse of Iraq's economy, noting that there are degrees Functional include only the ministries of defense and interior."

The "parliamentary finance committee member Masood Haider Rustam confirmed L / scales News /, earlier, that the budget bill for 2016 did not include solutions to the financial crisis between Baghdad and Erbil" .anthy 29/9 P