Kurdistan Islamic: Region vehicle heading towards crisis

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - the Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc member, said that the Kurdistan region heading towards a political crisis and other legislative vehicle in the event of the parties resorted to an early inclusive elections.

He said Jamal's Panthers (IMN), that "the failure to reach a political agreement on the presidency of the Kurdistan region and go to early elections, it will lead to the creation of a political and legislative implications crisis be difficult."

Panthers explained that "in the event of going to a comprehensive early elections, it means the inability to make any amendment to the law of the presidency of the Kurdistan region because the law in the province requires any amendment to be coupled with the approval of the region's president, and during the elections can not be the president of the region present to make any endorsement of the laws."

Panthers and added that "the Kurdish parties face considerable public pressure because of the delay in resolving differences over the presidency of the Kurdistan region may be the law of this pressure the hope that all parties waive some ceilings demands and reach an agreement without resorting to early elections."

The five Kurdish parties did not reach the first day yesterday to a comprehensive agreement on the points of contention about the presidency of the Kurdistan region of law, with the Kurdistan Democratic Party stressed that the solution lies in resorting to early elections.