Deputy: Law "Accountability and Justice" law of retaliation ..!

20:58 09/10/2015

It described the MP for the coalition of Iraqi forces to meet with the pink, on Friday, the current law of accountability and justice as "vindictive", noting that the law has led to damage to a large segment of the Iraqi people.

The pink, said that "accountability and justice retaliatory Act it is necessary to turn it into a judicial file and finish it," indicating that "the law has led to damage to a large segment of the Iraqi people because the measures do not fall on the same person, but on the whole family."

She pink, that "real reforms and national reconciliation begin the adoption of some important laws, as well as the amendment and the abolition of other laws as the law of the accountability and justice", at the same time stressing the need to "activate the national reconciliation file."
The parliament decision Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu said, in (September 52 015), that the atmosphere of the demonstrations and public opinion of the country are not conducive to the adoption of the law of accountability now, justice, calling for the application of the saying "let bygones be bygones," the right of all those who have not involved the killing of Iraqis.

And the voice of the Council of Ministers on Tuesday (February 3, 2015) on the draft accountability and justice and the prohibition of the Baath Party Law, while ending the House of Representatives (July 30, 2015) the first reading of the draft ban the Baath and entities dissolved and racist parties and terrorist and expiatory and activities Party Law.