Abadi Office: Support bookmark important reforms but its implementation 10/9
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Thread: Abadi Office: Support bookmark important reforms but its implementation 10/9

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    Abadi Office: Support bookmark important reforms but its implementation 10/9

    Abadi Office: Support bookmark important reforms but its implementation needs to years

    [Baghdad-where] - Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi office on the importance of continued support from the top religious authority for the process of reform, "he stressed adding that" some aspects of the reforms argue the years for implementation."

    His spokesman Saad al-Hadithi told all of Iraq [where] on Friday, "" The prime minister and the government, and since the first day of the start of the launch reforms that benefited greatly from the support and reference blessing of the reforms in the face of a lot of obstacles placed in the way of reform program campaign.

    "He added," We We believe that public support and reference blessing is very necessary to achieve tangible progress in the way of reforms, the Prime Minister said since the day that the responsibility for reform lies with the government but they are on their own will not be able to accomplish reforms in all full, fast, and to meet the aspirations of citizens and is compatible with the blessing of reference.

    "He continued Hadithi "The prime minister called on the various political forces to be in support of the campaign reforms and stressed that there will be a complementary role between the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives and the judiciary as an important anchor in the framework of reforms."

    And that, "In this direction, the government believes that the continuation of confirmation reference the need to proceed by way of reform is something makes them more determined and resolute to accomplish important steps in this process and this ongoing blessed and to emphasize the need to achieve progress is important in the way of trying to impede or hinder the reform program.

    "The spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office, that "The government is moving this way, and this was confirmed by al-Abadi in more than one occasion and there was no retreat, but some reforms need time and efforts and take adequate share necessary for the application of action is related to reforms often has to be that there will be time, reasonable and adequate opportunity to apply and many aspects have been achieved in reforms and the other in the way of achievement and the need to support the legislative authority for these reforms through the creation of a legal environment that fit with the direction of reform.

    "The supreme religious authority has renewed its support today to the reforms adopted by the government of Haider al-Abadi and called on the lips of its representative in Karbala, Sheikh Abdel Mahdi al-Karbalai in Friday sermon today, "the political forces not to block reforms and to cover up the corrupt," adding that "the difficult situation faced by the country makes it imperative for the political forces to participate in power have to pay attention to the follow-up to the reform process and to move it forward and not try to create barriers and obstacles before them, and not to cover up any Whatever the location and status of accounting and prosecute people.

    "He also called on political forces to" get away from the media bickering and finger-pointing is not based on clear evidence through the media, it does not pursue, but more tension and hatred and the country in the indispensable ".anthy 2

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