Hoshyar Abdullah issued a clarification on "Allawi information" about 76 armored

Twilight News / Information Office denied to a member of the Commission on Security and Defense Hoshyar Abdullah statements attributed to him that the former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi About armor the 76 sent by one of the countries to Iraq, "inaccurate", expressing his willingness to open an investigation on armor based on Allawi's proposal. It said in a statement today that the local media transfer "MP Abdullah's statements incorrectly, as was announced by MP is that there is a divergence of views on the 76 armored vehicles sent by one of the Arab countries to Iraq between suitability or non-suitability for work and who used it, As he never mentions that Dr. Allawi information in this regard is not accurate. " He added that "MP Abdullah fully prepared to open an investigation on armored vehicles in the security and defense committee in Parliament on the proposal, which favors by Allawi and the light of the information reported in this regard."