Kurds: Barzani steal employees' salaries
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Thread: Kurds: Barzani steal employees' salaries

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    Kurds: Barzani steal employees' salaries

    Kurds: Barzani steal employees' salaries

    BAGHDAD / Wissam- al-Jubouri: Protesters threw stones and clashed with riot police in the second largest city in Iraqi Kurdistan region Thursday and continued its repercussions, on Friday, in the worst expression of discontent since the region's economic crisis hit.

    And raising slogans, demonstrators said the Kurdistan Region President Barzani official steal employees' salaries, while the Iraqi student in the center and south Barzani accountable to all the billions of dollars that misbehaved and he has put out to enriching, and members of his family.

    He called on the Iraqi journalist Ali Hassanein, in an interview for "obelisk" of Babylon, to investigate the oil funds received by Barzani, has not benefited the Kurdish people.

    Beware "obelisk" counterfeit financed by Jamal Karbouli and Khamis dagger.

    "The cohorts own salaries, including Barzani cost the state about two hundred billion Iraqi dinars per year, while the poor Arabs and Kurds alike suffer from the difficulty of living."

    The reports indicated that Massoud Barzani, who protect regiment number is (628) receiving their monthly salaries of about 622 million dinars, while the Vice President of the Region number protection (429).

    The hostel teachers, hospital workers and other staff in the public sector to the streets and went on strike a week ago, demanding their salaries from the Government of the Kurdistan region, which was delayed three months paid.

    The protest focused on Thursday on a five-star hotel in the city of Sulaymaniyah, where the leaders of political parties together to find a way out of the impasse over the presidency exacerbated by the economic crisis center.

    The term of President Masoud Barzani on August 20 have passed but the rival factions have yet to agree on the terms of the extension of the mandate and many of the Kurds accuse their leaders to exploit the problems or fictitious to gain influence.

    Said Ari Ahmed - a director of a secondary school in Sulaymaniyah - "instead of resolving the crisis, they Esidunha intensity. And ordinary citizens the only ones affected in this political game."

    The economic crisis began in early 2014 when it reduced the Baghdad government money payments to the Kurdistan region and exacerbated by the conflict with al Daash and falling oil prices that pushed the region to the brink of bankruptcy.

    Kurdish source said, for "obelisk", that "Barzani demanded to stop the theft of money and try to stay forever a dictator."

    Beware "obelisk" counterfeit financed by Jamal Karbouli and Khamis dagger.

    The source added that "the demonstrators demanded Barzani to leave governance", adding that "these liabilities came in conjunction with the five major parties held their ninth meeting."

    The four political parties of the Kurdish, (National Union and Change Movement and the Islamic Union and the Islamic Community) held, on Wednesday evening, a meeting to confirm the position of today's meeting, while threatened to take "measures and the position decisively" if the two options the Democratic Party put forth refused on the presidency of the region crisis.

    The prevalence of administrative corruption, unemployment, and the pursuit of Barzani to impose his agenda on the political life and the super-rich to members of his family to mounting popular anger against Kurdish political class.

    Beware "obelisk" counterfeit financed by Jamal Karbouli and Khamis dagger.

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