Masum: the start of preparations for the convening of an International Conference for the reconstruction of Iraq
September 9, 2015 7

Detect President Fouad Massoum, the launch communications and preparations for a Conference on the reconstruction of Iraq, "and called on" countries of the world to contribute to its success. "
A presidential statement said the Agency has received our economy newsletter copy, the infallible "received at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Thursday, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq Jan Kubiš, and discussed developments in the national reconciliation project and preparations for the reconstruction of Iraq proposed shortly, as well as the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq [us] to the next stage."
The statement said that "at the beginning of the meeting shed light on recent visit Kubiš to New York and attending Security Council discussions on Iraq, expressing satisfaction at the readiness of the international community to support Iraq in its fight against organized daash and b roll IDPs and humanitarian assistance."
The President stressed the "importance of addressing citizen demands for reforms to uphold the principle of citizenship and active participation in rebuilding State institutions professional and strategy take into consideration to ensure the future of younger generations, praising the international support for Iraq in its orientation towards reforming its institutions.
Infallible expressed "his confidence in the success of the three presidencies in the formation of the Preparatory Committee for the draft national reconciliation soon," stressing "the need for this Committee comprises national personalities known for their objectivity and impartiality and expertise, and that the United Nations is a vital contribution.
Jan Kubiš expressed satisfaction at the progress made by Iraq in the areas seek to accomplish national reconciliation conference on Iraq's reconstruction, and expressed the readiness of the international organization to provide the required support, praising the efforts of infallible to accomplish these goals "