Chart: unemployment 15% due to the security situation and economic
September 9, 2015 1 0


The planning Ministry said the unemployment rate in Iraq amounted to 15% due to security and economic situations in which their country is undergoing.
Ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra Al-Hindawi told a news agency obtained our economy that "unemployment is the file of non-animated files sometimes increases and sometimes decreases as the working conditions".
The unemployment rate in the latest survey carried out by the Central Bureau of statistics in 2013 at 12%, but currently due to security and economic conditions, the unemployment rate rose to halt some business and factories and projects ", stating that" the unemployment rate in Iraq has now reached 15 percent, adding that "800,000 were registered unemployed, according to a study carried out in 2014 after the events in Mosul and falling oil prices.
He said Al-Hindawi said that "unemployment is increasing among young people than other segments they represent the largest slice of society."
The "Ministry of planning develop indicators before the stakeholders and circumstance the Iraq circumstances is unusual, and we are in the framework of the five-year development plan launched in 2013 for five years had a wide range of projects that will create jobs."
"We expect to exceed employment opportunities provided by this plan, 3 million jobs and thus be able to reduce unemployment significantly as we expect the unemployment rate to 6% according to this plan, but due to circumstances which Iraq has stopped.
"The Ministry is trying to address through merging the reforms undertaken by the Government to resolve the unemployment problem.