Reference: on the judiciary to be strong and Aadahn anyone in corrupt accounting 10/9
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Thread: Reference: on the judiciary to be strong and Aadahn anyone in corrupt accounting 10/9

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    Reference: on the judiciary to be strong and Aadahn anyone in corrupt accounting 10/9

    Reference: on the judiciary to be strong and Aadahn anyone in corrupt accounting

    Supreme religious authority called on the judicial authorities to be strong in the corrupt accountable "without lubricity or favor to one," calling the political forces at the same time to "non-coverage for corrupt Whatever their positions and their status."

    The representative of reference in Karbala, Sheikh Abdel Mahdi al-Karbalai in the Friday sermon from inside the saucer-Husseini al-Sharif, that "What is required of the Integrity Commission not to delay too long to disclose senior defendants file corruption and forwarded to the judiciary, and the judiciary to be strong and not Adahn not favoring one is not subject to any pressure from any party whatsoever.

    "He called on the government to" The adequate protection of the judges assigned to provide follow-up accused of corruption to achieve immunity on themselves and their families from gangs that protect the corrupt.

    "He called Karbalai political forces not to block reforms and to cover up the corrupt, saying that" the situation difficult faced by the country makes it imperative for the political forces to participate in power have to pay attention to the follow-up to the reform process and to move it forward and not try to create barriers and obstacles before them, and non-coverage to anyone regardless of the location and status of accounting and prosecution.

    "As the political forces called for a" stay away from media bickering and finger-pointing is not based on clear evidence through the media, it does not pursue, but more tension and hatred and the country's indispensable." and the difficult economic and financial situation in Iraq due to lower oil imports The representative of the reference to the need to develop economic, financial and developmental real action and within the time agreed.

    He said Karbalai, that "in light of the difficult financial situation through which Iraq and the expectations of experts not to improve the financial revenues of the country in the near future which threatens the problems of the seriousness of the general budget for the coming years with the need to divert significant financial resources to cover the costs of the war on Daash and notes from the drain a lot of money in consumer spending without a significant development in the path of industrial and agricultural development and the possibility of the government to borrow, which will saddle the state budget larger because of Mataathmlh from the very benefits of altitude on this budget, the need for economic, financial and developmental real action and within the agreed timeframe and clear became more necessary than ever".

    He added that" hopefully stakeholders that the acceleration to seek the assistance of experts and specialists, especially qualified Iraqi keen on the future of this country to develop appropriate real and serious to address the existing problems before plans to worsen and stumble addressed.
    "He explained that" the most important action required is to achieve social justice in government jobs and in pension rights by reducing the large differences between the salaries and allowances and to reconsider the amounts disbursed expenditures consumer so as to prevent waste of public money in things that are not necessary, especially in these circumstances.

    "He continued Karbalai" It is also important also work to engage citizens in addressing the current crisis requires them aware and Tqtifam to exercise their role through the rationalization of consumption and the use of time and effort to visit Alantah and responsibility requires that citizens contribute all of its location and by the means available to them to address this national crisis and Aigv position Allambah towards it.

    "and on developments security and military operations representative reference to the recent victories achieved on terror Daash gangs in the axes of the city of Ramadi and the other breakers operations in the provinces of Anbar and Salah al-Din.

    "It is still our brothers and sons in the armed forces and supported by volunteers and members of the tribes continue to fight the terrorists in different fronts and in recent days have had significant progress in Anbar province, and were able to free up some important areas, and ask Allah to give them more power and patience, fortitude and make them victorious over their enemies and forgive their martyrs and Yemen on Jrahahm healing and wellness.

    "He added Karbalai" still terrorists Aldoaash engaged in the most heinous crimes and Avdaha and brag by shamelessly and shame is that targeted car bomb crowded markets to citizens, as happened this week in pure towns, Zubair, has killed a lot of innocent people who have spilled their blood pure injustice and aggression and call on God to them with compassion broad and the injured a speedy recovery, "its call for" the security authorities to assume their responsibility in protect citizens from the baddies".

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