Abadi fighters: your progress toward Ramadi is a serious blow to Daash on the road to defeat

Saluted Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi fighters in the various ranks of the armed forces of the army, police and security services and a counter-terrorism, and those who care about in the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes, saying that they have achieved Petkatvhm and unity victories impressive and inflicted a humiliating defeat gang terrorist Daash in Sector Anbar and Bbjee operations and cutouts other.

Abadi and went to the combatants in a statement, saying ":" that your progress toward the city of Ramadi and edit many of the surrounding areas is a blow to the gang Daash on the road to the final defeat and achieve the great victory the return of all the cities and territories usurped to the bosom of the country and displaced people to their homes which they were expelled."

Abadi renewed emphasis to the people of Anbar and Nineveh, the heroine forces are going with determination and insistence on clearing every city and village abomination of this criminal terrorist gang will keep a foothold on our pure.

And the face of the statement at the conclusion of a tribute to the souls of the martyrs and the wounded Veterans and their families, and congratulations to all the people Aalaraca every human with a new victory.