Video: Iraq engaged in the task of coordinating the largest in its history

Baghdad sent a delegation to Moscow to coordinate with them to launch air strikes against Russian Daash Iraq, probably did not raise the ire of Washington, according to a spokesman for the international coalition, who told reporters that Iraq a sovereign state and its officers are free to coordinate with than they please.

But that did not prevent Warren say that the situation in Iraq is complex, which is read US has political implications.

For its part, the Iraqi government has confirmed the difficulty of coordinating the task being waged with sixty-three countries in the framework of the war against Daash because they have to go in certain levels do not exceed such as not to send ground troops fighting on the ground, which is a constant Iraqi Iraqi government is trying explained all international parties that coordinates with it.

Total States involved in the project war against Iraqi and Syria Daash are other continuing projects in the framework of this war which is weighing on coordinating Alambahathat with Iraq on the one hand they relate also the Syrian arena which is witnessing a clear competition between Washington and Moscow, where he plans the international coalition led by Washington to open a new front north east Syria to activate hostilities against Daash.

This is done by increasing the air strikes and arming the Syrian opposition there for her husband in battle Ashron thousand Kurds fighter also participate to expel Daash from the main stronghold in the city of Raqqa.

And apparently, Iraq is engaged in a coordinating task is the largest in its history compelled him to deal with a large number of interested in this war countries at a time when these international parties show different positions in this war, which is put Iraq in front of difficult choices in coordinating most difficult task had to Baghdad to deal with Moscow and Washington at the same time.