Financial officials are seeking global economy problems

Top financial officials in the world is facing during their meeting in Lima difficult equation lies in the promotion of global economic growth with climatic response to the urgent necessities.

In the atmosphere of the gloomy economic outlook from the flock and the finance ministers and central bank governors a few days ago to the capital of Peru, to participate in the joint General Assembly of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, while the eyes remain bound to China, against the backdrop of the continuing uncertainty regarding the outlook for the global economy and China's role in it.

It is expected that the Chinese economy this year registered the weakest growth seen since 25 years, raising concerns of emerging countries whose economies are closely linked to China's request for raw materials, at the top of Brazil and South Africa.

The International Monetary Fund warned that what is happening in China have repercussions on the whole world, what makes the issue of China's economy ahead of the Greece crisis and concerns besetting the euro zone.

Betting big exporters of metals and oil from Latin America, Africa and Asia to China, especially since the expected change in US monetary policy threatens depriving them of new funds through the implications it will have a series.

In the face of this suspense China has tried to allay fears, as deputy central bank governor of China Yi Gang said not to be afraid because China will continue to record growth between the average and high in the near future, pointing out that many people talk about the slowdown in the Chinese economy, but Chinese imports of raw materials continue to recording steady growth.

And this issue will be discussed between the finance ministers of industrial and emerging nations of the Group of Twenty to announce the outcome of their work Friday in a district of the Peruvian capital, Lima.