Parliamentary Integrity confirms its intention to open the oil licensing rounds files

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee reported its intention to open the oil licensing rounds files, pointing to the existence of suspicions of corruption and constant and continuous bleeding money to the Iraqi people as a result of those licenses.

And it was a member of the parliamentary finance committee Haitham al-Jubouri called for the abolition of the oil licensing rounds, considering it the theft of public and Musharanh the Iraqi people as they cost the state budget $ 21 billion a year.

Committee Chairman Talal Khudair Zobaie's (IMN) that his committee "plans to open the oil licensing rounds that affect the money of the Iraqi people and future generations file," adding, "it was formally wrote to the Ministry of Oil in order to know the mechanisms followed by the ministry in licensing rounds that".

"The Integrity Committee will submit its report to the House of Representatives after reviewing all aspects of the licenses."

The Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, The Oil Ministry is still refrain from providing the Commission with details of the three licensing rounds concluded with foreign companies contracts, indicating that the House of Representatives would have a negative attitude of the fourth round of licenses if they are not exceeded the previous rounds errors and emphasized that the coming days will reveal files especially for those licensing rounds.