Russian start major ground operation "from sea to land." 08/10/2015
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Thread: Russian start major ground operation "from sea to land." 08/10/2015

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    Russian start major ground operation "from sea to land." 08/10/2015

    Russian start major ground operation "from sea to land."

    Agencies - launched yesterday the wild military operation in Syria, the wider north. And it took over the large units of the Syrian army fight the clashes in Hama, enabled it to regain control of about seventy kilometers, including a number of large towns. While operations are expected to be completed today, in a plan aimed in the first phase of which to achieve great control in the regions of Hama and easy jungle, as being firmly on the preparation of additional axes targeting all areas of the north.

    And explain the field commander what is going to say, that the Russian leadership informed the Iranian and Syrian its allies, its decision to proceed with a large and comprehensive process, under the name «from the sea to the river» It is aimed at helping the Syrian government to re-establish control over the entire period from Latakia coast to the banks of the Euphrates River region on the border with Iraq.

    He pointed out that the commander of Moscow girl, especially in the Syrian military system, and that the airlift is working non-stop for weeks. We arrived to Syria weapons of Russian troops from various disciplines, from military fighter jets to bombers to armored units with the latest tanks, and system-guided missiles, including missiles, long-term, and helicopter combat, new artillery and weapons, with crews technical lead greater monitoring and tracking of technical . He added that these units were accompanied by everything you need of logistical equipment and human team to serve, which is spread according to its own map, and take special protection measures, after the Syrian authorities have provided all the services you need.

    The level of intelligence, a field commander revealed that information coordination operating room now, comprising officers from the Russian and Iranian and Syrian military intelligence, in addition to a team of Hezbollah's intelligence. Bank targets include all areas of the north, without exception, has been prepared, and work is under way to update it moment by moment.

    He pointed out that the Russian military leadership in Syria, receive from the Syrian side of the proposed goals.

    He says the field commander's decision to launch a ground operation came after the implementation of the basic strikes, although the Russian side informed through direct contact, or through a fait accompli, both Western and regional parties, especially the Turks, it is proceeding with its plan without interruption, and that the Air Force will not be required permission from anyone to do all the missions are necessary, whether offensive or defensive.

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