Toyota: a sudden surge in car sales (Daash) in Iraq 10/8/2015
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Thread: Toyota: a sudden surge in car sales (Daash) in Iraq 10/8/2015

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    Toyota: a sudden surge in car sales (Daash) in Iraq 10/8/2015

    Toyota: a sudden surge in car sales (Daash) in Iraq

    BAGHDAD / JD / .. Toyota unveiled the second-largest producer of cars worldwide for a sudden surge in car used by the organization Daash terrorist in Iraq sales, while officials asked the fight against terrorism the Americans from the company "Toyota" to help them in detecting the source, who gets it "Daash" organize a new fleet of jeeps and pickup model "Toyota."

    In a report published by Business Arabian magazine and seen by Agency / JD / "ABC" channel of America reported, citing government sources, that Washington notes with concern the increasing number of vehicles "Toyota" in the grip of "Daash", and this is indicated by the promotional video published by the organization strips. According to the channel, confirmed the "Toyota", which is the second largest producer of cars world-wide, they do not have any information about the origins of this phenomenon, but it supports the investigation conducted by combating the financing of terrorism department at the US Department of the Treasury.

    The company confirmed it had handed the US Department of the Treasury information on the automotive supply chain to the Middle East and security measures taken to prevent a car in the hands of people may use in military or terrorist activities. But the company insisted it incapable of cars that have been stolen or resold by brokers nothing to do with the company monitoring.

    As "Toyota" has confirmed that many of the cars that appeared in the tapes "Daash" is not one of the new models.

    But Mark and Las US ambassador the former to the United Nations and an expert on counter-terrorism said in a statement the "ABC": "unfortunately has become" Toyota Land Cruiser "and" Toyota Hilux "part of the brand" Daash ", as used regulation of these cars in the military activities, terrorism and other activities."

    He continued: "In all the strips published by the" Daash "a convoy of cars," Toyota "show, which is a matter of concern for us."

    It should be noted that many questions about the use of "Daash" cars "Toyota" appeared years ago. In 2014 media reports that the US State Department to hand over 43 "Toyota" vehicle to the Syrian opposition. In another report, published in the journal Australian, it was said that more than 800 car "Toyota" disappeared in Sydney between 2014 and 2015, with experts in the field of counter-terrorism did not rule out the transfer of those cars to controlled "Daash" areas.

    The data provided by " Toyota "itself, refers to the sudden surge in the cars," Land Cruiser "and" Hilux "Sales in Iraq than 6 thousand cars in 2011 to 18 thousand cars in 2013, but the volume of sales fell in 2014 to 13 thousand cars.

    The news channel for Brigadier General Saad Maan, spokesman for the Iraqi Interior Ministry as saying that Baghdad suspect that brokers sell cars from outside Iraq working on cars, "Toyota" smuggling into the territory of the country, recognizing that the state is unable to control its border with Syria.

    With regard to Syria, a spokesman for the company said agent on the sale of cars, "Toyota" Syrian land it had suspended sales in this country since 2012.

    But the expert, Las said the "ABC" The affiliated organization called "anti-terrorism project" I called the company "Toyota" directly this year, and urged it to do more efforts to monitor the cars, which lies in the hands of terrorists flow, adding that each car with its own figures, and this makes it easier to monitor their movements.

    The officials at the Treasury Department, they said, he is not entitled to call public statements about contacts between the ministry and private companies, but stressed Asked about cooperation with "Toyota", they are working closely with "foreign partners and stakeholders" on the issue of the increasing number of cars, "Toyota" with "Daash".

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