Hakim of the government: the decline reform is unacceptable and must be invested 10/8
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Thread: Hakim of the government: the decline reform is unacceptable and must be invested 10/8

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    Hakim of the government: the decline reform is unacceptable and must be invested 10/8

    Hakim of the government: the decline reform is unacceptable and must be invested to support the reference

    [Najaf-where] head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Ammar al-Hakim, stressed the need not to retreat from the government's implementation of reforms after the great support from the top religious authority.

    Hakim said in his conference whistleblower and amounts in the city of Najaf today, "here the upper our reference sets us compass direction and offer a lot of support and backing, which is a valuable opportunity may not be repeated and the government should invest its full potential in order to promote the burdens and responsibilities assigned to it, and create genuine partnerships in the reform and move forward strongly and consistently.

    "He added that" unacceptable decline in these sensitive circumstances and after this support Reference great backing, the real leaders effectively have to listen, a genuine Islamic philosophy at work and success [who listen say tracking Well those who guided them to God, and those are Oulu kernels].

    "He said al-Hakim" Let us listen to each other and Ntnasah with each other and we are working to build the foundations of true this time, the great homeland generate in moments of challenge and suffering, and we have today this great opportunity great challenge and ask God not to get lost.

    "said Hakim to "contribution to focus on an important topic we all feel, the subject of migration of our children abroad, and it is a great responsibility we carry in this area, we represent the faith line in the community and we have to be close to the young people groping their needs and understand their problems."

    He explained, "The Nations young The young woman is a blessing from God, and today we see our young people migrate and are exposed to the risk of death in this migration, we Chrisaliyn to realize that the world has become a small Kalgarih and that the means of communication have removed much of the border and also a lot of privacy, and we are aware that there is much needed by our young people in their lives and we do not we provide they are currently in an appropriate manner, but we have to win the respect of young people and their confidence because they are the only way to communicate with them and change some wrong ideas.

    "He pointed Hakim that" Immigration in general is not evil at all, especially if they request flag or livelihood or move away from unjust or publishing Hoda, But the migration of these risks and walk into the unknown and in the atmosphere of frustration ringing alarm bells and endured a great responsibility and raise Bjrhna failure signs in our role as missionary in the community, and I hope that the whistleblower should pay this subject especially at this critical juncture importance.

    "He added," We must also open dialog windows with the elites in our society, it is time to communicate through that dialogue is not our role "talk" only, but we have to listen, because listening is also part of a culture of dialogue, as our passionate and respected clerics, scholars and informants have come back to be heard and rarely speaks Bhoudrthm , but we have to we initiate and ask them for their opinions and encourage them to dialogue, even if they differ with us, he is cross-pollination of ideas and the strengthening of the bonds of intellectual relationship with the community elites.

    "He stressed that" our society lives today significant shifts stage may be radical is very important and the dialogue at this stage and the involvement of academic elites intelligentsia must be a priority.

    "The head of the Supreme Islamic Council" God has bestowed on us this homeland, a homeland of Ali and Hussein, peace be upon them, and this country will be launched banner Imamate Mahdism to roam around the whole world, so we know what it means Iraq and for any purpose divine taking This pivotal role in the movement of history.

    "He explained that" in the science policy and strategy they have their reasons and their evidence !, and we have our faith and our faith appreciated Communion, and identical vision in importance, it is fine but certainly reasons and motives vary, understand Ihspunha materially We Nhsabha morally, and they compare Countries countries and geography to geography and we are committed to the project and what came to us from references and connotations, but the result is that we agree that this land an important role in the movement of history, and to this country a sacred mission is not over yet, they have their own laws and their rules and respect them, and we have our calculations and our project and our faith in the promise divine.

    "The Ozkr Hakim that" In this sense we do not need a lot of effort in order to prove that the importance of Iraq beyond the geographical borders and beyond the economic potential, and much higher than the number of inhabitants of all denominations and sects, and that Iraq is the confluence of the projects point and intersection and its struggle is nothing new to the history of this nation and of this earth, as we read in the history books about the events we did not imagine they occur despite our interaction with them, but now we're seeing, hear and live these events."

    He recalled saying," We heard about the Tigris and how imbued color the color of blood, and we saw how it has shaped water Tigris blood our children who are murdered by the hands of terrorism and atonement, and we heard about eating livers !!, and today we see her grandchildren eat the livers of the dead, and heard about the boys how to manipulate the heads of the victims !!, and there in tenderness and Mosul boys from cubs state succession devil manipulated warheads cut and Atqazvha among themselves!."

    He stressed," we are in big strife time, so great your role and responsibility in front of God's great, because you are the first faith line of defense of the community against this flood of extremism and takfir and terrorism, as you today fighters, spokesmen and your role is more important than guns, planes, and it nodular war, not armies of war because our enemy takfirist being targeted motivated nodular perverted, it was his faith stronger and firmer and firmer will win the longer or shorter."

    Hakim pointed out that" our war today is a holy war because we we're in as a people and the State of the advisory opinion of our reference blessed, and this reference a great blessing from God we ... and We were hundreds of years ago are aware of the greatness and the value and sanctity of our reference and our references, the whole world is now aware of the value of the reference by the grace of God."

    He added," How we ever had folks mocked and Astsgerwa and Osamuna backward and reactionary, and said that the world is evolving, science and universities, accounts and sports and Planning develops as you you still In Najaf, follows the same methods and you rely same curriculum for hundreds of years !!, and we tell them we also are developing may have evolved larger than Ttorkm but our standards are different from Mqillescm!".

    "Today the grace of God the world has become listens when you speak of Najaf, and listen to what you say Najaf, and his priorities in the region based on the priorities of Najaf, and this one of the great victories and great achievements bestowed by God on us, and today we are fighting a holy fight under the auspices and guidance of senior cardinal point of reference, a battle of honor and dignity of Snold with them again despite all the suffering and wounds and pains, but the birth pangs of and that our young people and our men and Kholna who fight and fight, they renewed the blood flowing in the veins of this doctrine and the veins of this nation."

    He stressed," We know it's a long and fierce battle, but Sthsmha our will solid stemming from our faith, God willing, and today our movement in society is the defense and build a movement, and defend for our holy places and build the future of our generations and pave the appearance in front of us [hurry God reappearance], we are part of is a divine project in this world and bear the greatest responsibility because we occupy the geographical location the most important in this project, where Iraq and Kufa and Najaf, and our experience modern and confused has overlapped a lot of internal and external factors , and we have to evaluate and correct and get back to work and continue to progress forward, and we turn back to see how much we have come from and how many runs've accomplished and where we fail and missed the opportunity."

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