Basra withhold funds fees amounting trillion dinars from the central government


Basra-Iraq Press October -8 m in October announced the governor of Basra, Majed Nasraoui, on Thursday, for the formation of an economic committee, working on obtaining all the amounts levied by departments, companies and government in the province of citizens and obscure transferred to the Ministry of Finance, in order to exchange those amounts on projects stalled and the advancement of the province, as pointed out that those funds estimated trillion dinars are all taken from the people of Basra in taxes and fees and the intervention of the state to the federal treasury.

He said Nasraoui told reporters, "The Economic Commission, which was formed, is the governor and his deputies and his economic advisers, the committees of the province concerned Council (k economic development, finance, legal, and planning)," referring to hold its first meeting hosted by the departments pertaining to taxes and fees and collection managers and various imports and it examined the activation of that committee. "
He revealed Nasraoui Economic Commission for directing a formal letter to those circles to obtain all the amounts levied by, and is working to "withholding sent to the federal government," and keep it for the benefit of Basra projects. "
And that "those amounts obtained from the collection (which up to a trillion Iraqi dinars) and which are not of the petro-dollar funds, will be truncated system (clearing) of the amounts owed ​​by the federal government.
He pointed out that the governor of Basra "to activate that committee and working out on the ground needs to be coordinated and concerted joint efforts of local and federal government, as well as legislation to her side of the provincial council and the citizens of Basra pause with it," he said. Ended (1)