Security: eliminate all those involved who require proven tothm of the report of the Commission on the fall of Mosul, including Al-Maliki!
Date: Thursday, 08-10-15 03:26 pm

Member of the parliamentary defense and security Abdul Aziz Hassan, said the Committee was following the report of the fall of Mosul, who was sent to the public prosecution.
Hassan said public opinion "and" babysit, "we as a Commission on the fall of Mosul, a parliamentary Committee has the responsibility for the follow-up to the report of the fall of Mosul accurately Wajdi, follow the file transmitted to the Prosecutor and wait for answer".
He said a member of the Committee investigating the fall of Mosul, "on prosecution summons the accused who stated, wipe on it and is on probation and light".
He was a member of the parliamentary security and Defense Committee shakhawan cell Abdullah, said 30 of September, that the prosecution did not call any of the accused fall of Mosul who stated in the report of the investigative Committee.
Abdullah said that "the fall of Mosul's entire report is sent to the public prosecutor, by Parliament and keep us as a follow-up Security Committee in prosecution," adding "If there is a request for evidence or documents associated with the file, we are ready to provide [prosecution]", indicating that it was not yet called anyone "report said.
He was Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee investigating the fall of Mosul [ended their workers, Governor Aydin, said on September 25 that "no action has been taken so far concerning the investigation and the accused."
And between the Iraq file, "is important and serious and affect the lives of enterprise security and stability and his Iraq after June 2014 and there are charges for several characters in mind as a Commission formed by Parliament have the right to follow our mission does not end with handing over the file to the relevant judicial and Government authorities being worked hard," indicating "will follow [file] after the holiday of Eid al-Adha and transmit from the accused or from his arrest warrant was issued.
Referring to send its investigation file to several destinations and to the Office of Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces and Minister of Defense and prosecution, military tribunals, and the head of the Supreme Judicial Council and each received a copy of it.
The House of representatives, has transmitted the report of its investigation in the fall to eliminate after the vote in plenary on 17 August.