Undersecretary of Interior announced his resignation from the Dawa Party
Thursday October 20 158 14:05

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
He announced the Undersecretary of the Interior Ministry for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Aqil al-Khazali, Thursday, about his resignation from the party political work for full-time security work.

He said al-Khazali, in a statement read today seen by Alsumaria News that "we announce the resignations of partisan political work for full-time for the completion of our professional career, which requires us to independence, professionalism and impartiality, in addition to a full-time civilian and developmental wide for our activities which represent a corner in meaningful path to address gaps and imbalances suffered by of which our country. "

He added that "acts of man and his achievements are worth and its status motives Semitism and varied methods Allmazahr and regulatory frameworks for their implementation," noting that "there are other photos in the National Action is the business and efforts in the development and national business, which form images of the manifestations of the active civil society, which is what we paid to his election as a means alternative party to work with the bulk of our respect for those who adopted and is taking ".

The senior source revealed, in November 25, 2014, announced the appointment of Aqil al-Khazali agent financially and administratively Ministry of the Interior, and Mohamed Samir Haddad position of Undersecretary of intelligence and national investigations, as pointed out that it has restructured the position of Senior Undersecretary of the Ministry and its integration with the post of administrative agent.