Baghdad Chamber of Commerce: loans granted national industry compete in the global market.

Baghdad/sourcing Centre for the Iraqi media network (IMN) - said Baghdad Chamber of Commerce Director Jaafar al-Hamdani to launch industrial projects, agricultural loans would be granted national industry compete in the global market.

Maybe economists earlier, a clear increase in economic growth after the launch of the Government loan package, which will move the wheel of economy and increase GDP through moving all economic sectors

Jaafar (IMN) "Government industrial and agricultural loans will reduce the unemployment rate among citizens, as well as their ability to deliver national industry ranks the quality of goods in the global marketplace and compete."

"The Government must protect the product through customs tariff Act and support Iraqi exports through export support fund, as well as developing the regulatory apparatus for standardization and quality control at border crossing points."

And the Governor of the Iraqi Central Bank agency relations earlier launch loans b 5 trillion dinars (industrial, agricultural, real estate).