Next week .. distribution of pensions 7/10/2015
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Thread: Next week .. distribution of pensions 7/10/2015

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    Next week .. distribution of pensions 7/10/2015

    Next week .. distribution of pensions

    Preparing retired province of Dhi Qar Directorate for the distribution of 70 salaries thousand retired from civilian beginning of next week.

    The International Organization for Migration began applying the program to include displaced families in the province, income-generating projects and provide job opportunities for them, the Committee on Health and the Environment has proposed in the House of Dhi Qar enact a law allowing doctors Syrians open especially in remote areas clinics.

    The director of the Department of pension in Dhi Qar Ahmed al-Zaidi told the «morning»: The beginning of next week will see the direct distribution of civilian retirees totaling 70 000 salaries of retired after its launch, noting that the department has distributed salaries for about 100 000 retired military personnel registered and martyrs in the Martyrs Foundation for the month of September.

    He pointed out that continuing the promotion and completion of the martyrs of the popular crowd and security forces transactions department, by visiting their relatives in their own homes, within the framework of facilitating measures launched by the government crackdown, However, he noted the department has decided to Counting on Friday of each week officially permanent staff, for the purpose of completion of pension transactions mentioned.

    In the case of displaced persons, said Director of the Department of Immigration and Displacement in Dhi Qar Ali Saleh sweet «morning» that the Department of Immigration and the International Organization for Migration Hrata applying the inclusion of displaced families in the province program income-generating projects and provide job opportunities for its members in order to secure their daily bread, noting that the organization included 24 family program, to be followed by meals to include the families of the meantime, sweet announced that the World Food Organization and distributed relief materials and food aid between 1685 displaced families to Dhi Qar from the governorates of Anbar, Salahuddin and Nineveh, in addition to hand Yusufiyah south of Baghdad and areas north of Babylon.

    In another matter, the Committee on Health and the Environment in the province of Dhi Qar were known for a proposed law allowing doctors Syrians to open private clinics in remote areas.

    Committee member Shaimaa Abdul-Sattar al-Fatlawi said «morning» that the Health Committee submitted a proposed law for the presidency of the provincial council, allow the Syrians to doctors hired by the Department of Health to work in the province, through the opening of their own in remote areas clinics exclusively to cover their expenses, provided always in advisory clinic and surgeries for free.

    It is noteworthy that the provincial council allocated seven billion dinars within the budget of the petro-dollar to cover the Syrian Doctors' salaries.

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