Numbers and names .. Fatlawi explosion of a bomb caliber and reveal the number of officials and protections expenses

Date: 07/10/2015

Palm head-revealed "the will of the" Movement MP Hanan al, Wednesday, figures on the numbers of officials and protections of the money spent on them, indicating that about 600 billion dinars allocated annually only for salaries and fuel.

It Fatlawi in modern media, "the biggest corruption file is regiments own file (protections officials), which had refused all sides to provide us with any priorities of him or talk him," pointing out that "the Audit Court, which was issued in June, a report in 2015 became evidence of guilt , so it was one of the interrogation of the Ministry of Defence files to the fact that these regiments belonging to the defense and salaries and equipping and arming of the Ministry's budget. "

Fatlawi explained that "the number of regiments own a 28 battalions, and some of the former officials, as well as the President of the Kurdistan region, which has a number of elements of the regiment protect 628 element of their pay 622 million dinars per month, and the number of elements of the protection of the Vice President of the region 429 element others and others," pointing out that " Regiments own salaries cost the state 169 billion dinars a year. "

She added that "by table number one, according to the book of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers is assumed that the number of employees have every regiment 60 associate, but the actual existing ranges between 500-600, which means an increase of 500 in each regiment", noting that "every regiment given 36 thousand liters of fuel per year, and the total amounts if struck it in 28 battalions and each year equal to 420 billion dinars. "

Fatlawi and followed that in exchange for the large quantities of fuel granted to regiments protections "given Hummer combat only 20 liters per day of fuel, leading to the depletion of its fuel and left to come Daash, snatched it and Afajkhha and kills innocent people out," indicating that "employees of the presidential cohorts movement planes ( C130) to Kurdistan during their vacation and send them back plane after the end of the holiday and some movement of their cars with them on the plane. "

And continued her speech, saying that "many of the wounded soldiers cite the lack of aircraft abandonment to the hospital for treatment while the aircraft allocated to transport battalions special protection to Kurdistan," noting that "many people die every day in the modern and al-Baghdadi, due to lack of food and medicine and we do not have a plane Ngathm, while aircraft (C130) movement of own regiments. "

Fatlawi confirmed that "most of the employees of the regiments own astronauts, because it is impossible to provide a place at any official capacity for 500 or 600 protection component," indicating that "there are large sums of money spent on armament, automotive, food, clothing and processing cohorts own non amounts mentioned."

The Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi earlier on Wednesday announced (October 7, 2015), the discovery of "file corruption" during the restructuring of the protections of the three presidencies, denying at the same time, some lawmakers remarks Health regarding the failure of the government measures to restructure the protections presidencies three.

It is said that the face of al-Abadi, in (9 August 2015), a comprehensive and immediate cut in the number of protections for all officials, among them the three presidencies and the House of Representatives and special grades.