BGG: OK - thanks to everyone who tuned in for Round Table.
BGG: Welcome.
BGG: Ok here we go - who has an article or a comment to start us off??

joyojoy: can Iran call the shots in Iraq?

BGG: They are trying...
BGG: I kind of doubt it works (long run).

jtank: why--old school thinking

BGG: JMHO - that's all

dwsdad: can you give us a clue on the banking thing you referred to on the call yesterday?

BGG dwsdad: not really - got some folks working on it though.
BGG dwsdad: if it's real - we'll know soon...

puffdragon: I read an article IMF out of funds, any truth to that !

BGG puffdragon: I highly doubt that...

puffdragon: The world broke, where does the IMF funds come from ?

BGG puffdragon: I'm just saying - I doubt the IMF is out of money.
BGG puffdragon: that would be like Arnold's Rug selling his last rug...
BGG puffdragon: then it would be just "Arnold".

puffdragon: And so Iraq will still see those loans from the IMF ?

BGG puffdragon: I think they will - now that they passed their AML Law.
BGG puffdragon: that was one of the big hold-up's for the IMF
BGG puffdragon: they didn't want their money going right into Maliki's pocket.

puffdragon: Thought that would put additional pressure to RV !
puffdragon: Still seems to be dragging out getting rid of that man !

BGG puffdragon: removing him is no easy task... but appears to be on the way.

puffdragon: And Holly1 this morn post stating an article looking at Russia as a solver not the USA !

BGG: that is yet to be seen. Too early to tell...

puffdragon: That's what was said, not Holly saying that !

BGG: I get it...
BGG: I was waiting with bated breath - I thought I saw rcookie typing

rcookie: the detailed announcement today of more than 100 draft laws already read for 2nd time and awaiting vote!!!....107 LAWS!!!....and some of the ones withdrawn for amending

rcookie: http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...withdrawn-10-7

jtank: wow

BGG: I was about to ask which was the most important article of the day for you - but WOW... that works.

rcookie: its a long one BGG but GREAT STUFF!!

Pablo: Vote! Vote! Vote!!!

rcookie: you want it now?

BGG: Yup!!

rcookie: Representative on 34 mystifying legally ended Parliament read the Government decided recently withdrawn 2015/10/07 (00:07 p.m.) - hits: 506 - (3472)
Baghdad/morning While the House is still under the shock decision of the Council of Ministers by the judge more than 100 each draft law completed its second reading, a parliamentary Committee revealed the Government's endeavours to incorporate the oil agreement concluded by the Government with the Government of the territory within the draft oil and gas law.
And parliamentary wrangles over the fate of dozens of laws, which was read by the House of representatives, if the Government carried out modifications on its terms. The Committee stresses the need to read any legal act subject to amendments.
Read More :http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...withdrawn-10-7

rcookie: legislation, including the Federal Court Act and the holidays, prepared for the parliamentary vote. Sources say that the Government legally sent 54 Abadi started 10 of them, most notably the law on political parties. Audio Cabinet, mid-September, to withdraw all bills sent to the House by the previous Government for review and consultation. Mp Imad says of John, the decision of the House of representatives, in a statement to (range), that "the Government's decision to withdraw from the House was a surprise to us when she first approval in December, this legislation".
John said that "laws that pulled the cabinet up to 107 laws, including the law on holidays, prepared to vote, the law on the Ministry of the Interior, and counter-narcotics, counter-terrorism, and intelligence law prepared for the second reading.
Read More :http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...withdrawn-10-7

rcookie: He noted the decision of the Chamber of deputies that "under laws that have been withdrawn is Federal Court Act version sent by the Presidency in the past months in the House of representatives, as well as the law on the Ministry of defence and the law foundation of martyrs."
John continued to "list of laws that were withdrawn include oil and gas law sent by the previous Government to Parliament, which is one of the contentious laws, and also the law of telecommunications and Informatics, and information and Communications Authority Act, Act of the National Council for higher policies, law foundation of martyrs."And on the laws highlighted remain however, Parliament, the House Council decision says that "the Government, Haider Abadi had sent in the current parliamentary session is approximately 54 10 was legislated and legally utopia party law".
Read More :http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...withdrawn-10-7

rcookie: Christian mp said that "laws which the Government but kept the House up to 45 only comprising the laws of federal service, and the share of oil-producing provinces, the National Guard, and accountability and justice, Amnesty, and the federal civil service, mandates three presidencies."He Deputy Kirkuk province that "one of the most important laws that kept the Government but Parliament is the sender of the Federal Court Act, in addition to the card Act, the law Bill Turkomans, and Act replace members.
Read More :http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...withdrawn-10-7

rcookie: And John says that "the Government posted an explanation to Parliament, then, justifies the withdrawal of these laws with the objective of redrafted in line with present circumstances, Parliament and its standing committees, it is unable to submit the Bills to be read after all those laws."On the other hand refer smile hilali, Member of the parliamentary legal Committee, to Cabinet form committees consisting of legal advisers and economists to revise laws that pulled from Parliament to make some modifications to suit the circumstances. She said Al-hilali (term), "these amendments are intended to be consistent with the reforms espoused by Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi will be back to Parliament within the next few days once the ministerial committees of the redrafted form. Show Member of State of law coalition that "laws meant for voting, which the Government has withdrawn, if the paragraphs were amended with the deletion or addition of deputies will have to re-read the first and s

rcookie: reading, and then view the vote as official holidays, for example.
Legal Committee member explains that the Act "holidays, which the Government is seeking to reduce the number of official holidays contained in commensurate with the aspirations of the Government and its new vision, as well as the oil and gas law which was read first reading inside the House."Hilali says that "the oil and gas Act will be amended to add the oil agreement between Kurdistan and the Federal Government then sent to Parliament to present for the first and second reading and then vote on it."Member of State of law noted that "one of the most important laws that Parliament completed its second reading is the law of telecommunications and Informatics, and information and Communications Authority Act".
Read More :http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...withdrawn-10-7

rcookie: In this context, says Sabah Al-karbouli, legal adviser to the speaker of Parliament, that "the Government had informed Parliament of the need to withdraw all the laws sent by the previous Government to bring them into line with current programmes and financial conditions."
He said Al-karbouli (term), "this Government will reconsider the legislation sent to Parliament by priority and by conformity with the State program", revealing that "the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies began to examine the financial consequences of these laws."And confirms the legal adviser to the President of Parliament that "laws that completed first reading borders 63 law and laws designed to vote up to 34 of the Federal Court Act legally and holidays".
Read More :http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...withdrawn-10-7


BGG: This is generally an article talking about the Laws withdrawn from Parliament by Abadi's CoM... though not bad - it's actually good...


BGG: Abadi's CoM took back a bunch of Laws from Jubouri and Parliament. These were laws submitted by the Maliki CoM and it was noted the general feeling was these were flawed pieces.

BGG: However, they are plain about making the needed adjustments to the most vital Laws and resubmitting (based on my info)... them to Parliament.

BGG rcookie: Your thoughts??


wilson6060: Do we know when parliament meets again

BGG wilson6060: Anyone??
BGG: When did they "lift" their session until??

joyojoy: OCT 13th

wilson6060: TYVM all

BGG: Good - I was thinking it was the 19th. Whew


rcookie: http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...ted-areas-10-7

BGG rcookie: WB seems pretty confident right now??
BGG rcookie: that is really SOMETHING...


foxrun: Do you think that the 48 hr deadline for Maliki which has come and gone will effect Abadi's credibility?

BGG foxrun: these two seem locked in an extreme struggle.
BGG foxrun: and the SLC appears to be sitting out in support of Maliki. This obviously doesn't matter much for the next week or so - (no Parliament)...
BGG foxrun: but at some point they will have to make a choice.

puffdragon: Did you see Millionday's late night news last night on the country of Romania and there getting in to IRAQ ? Was very positive ! It was about 11 pm

BGG puffdragon: I did not - that is great.

puffdragon: Was surprised to see her so late !

BGG puffdragon: She was in late last nite.

puffdragon: Yes .


rcookie: President of the Republic: Community Reconciliation realistic basis the success of this national project Wrote: October 7, 2015
Read More :http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...al-project10-7

rcookie: to discuss national reconciliation file, the importance of the role of opinion leaders, intellectuals and clerics in the development of ideas and proposals that will ensure the success of reconciliation During the perspective of time and find common ground components of community actors, without exclusion of any class of society except their hands stained with the blood of Iraqis.
Read More :http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...al-project10-7


BGG: Massoum is the one talking up "National Reconciliation" - quite honestly, I'm not buying the rhetoric.
BGG: I need to see it...
BGG: I also wonder if isn't just a way for the Kurds to stay out of this and tread water...
BGG: Generally - Erbil is not touched.

rcookie: have so much on their plate right now!

BGG: the volume of News these days is dramatic.

rcookie: AGREED!!!

katkat: Wall street journal had an article about the Russian's going after ISIS being encouraged by shia hardliners. Abadi said yes to Russia under the authority of coordinated efforts run by USA
katkat: yay abadi

BGG: not that I believe the Kurds are talking National Reconciliation... it is real.. I just don't know where this can go while the SLC is still playing spoiler. They want to maintain some measure of control...

BGG katkat: gonna' be hard to flush out who's on what side doing what...

katkat: I know and I see a real mess when it comes to pointing fingers at collateral damage

BGG katkat: I will say - Abadi's affirming the Ruskies seems to have given Abadi a much stronger mandate... and worst case - the US will compete for his affections.
BGG katkat: so either way - Abadi wins - Maliki loses.

katkat: good spot to be in for Abadi
katkat: yes yay

BGG: This is my synopsis - they are pursuing corruption on every level... and Abadi will prevail. Relax... it's all good.

katkat: i think its all great

BGG: That's it for me this afternoon - have some things I have to get done.

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