Maliki's coalition loses his senses because Abadi's remarks and started looking at old books

October 7, 2015 15:28

After frank and true statements made by the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Abadi about the waste of the previous government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of Iraq's money and squandered, especially in the days of the elections Maliki wing of the coalition of state law began to launch criticism against al-Abadi and lost his senses to the point that some of its members took lie to themselves before the Iraqi people and took looking at the old pages disadvantage to Ebadi

After Ammar al-Shibli and emotions grace and smelting Maliki Hussein al-Maliki, who demanded Abadi, a statement meant about the term (Commander necessary) leapt to the other smelting Nuri al-Maliki and the representative of the state of law Ali Abd al-Maliki is Ckal the other for making statements in defense of his uncle al-Maliki

Where he called to the accountability of everyone what exchange in publicity campaigns last parliamentary elections in 2014 ", adding that" the prime minister Haider al-Abadi was one of the candidates. "

Said Abdul Ckal that "everyone was in the elections and has an election campaign and disbursement of funds and must ask everyone where you this exchange and money that has been spent."

"When al-Abadi said he intended the tyrant Saddam and not someone else, we ask also ask public opinion and citizens, Was there a time of the former regime, elections, and whether the current government received the administration of it directly ?, this denial of a person is in the truth!".

The Abadi's office issued a statement indicating who is the intended statement Abadi for [Commander necessary] did not say that he went tyrant buried Saddam Hussein, but said he had directed both held the post in the government and the cause of wasting public money and the loss of Iraq's wealth and that past in this approach to the fight against corruption and corrupt ".

He added that "the prime minister as long as stressed in his speech and in more than one occasion the importance of maintaining the wealth of Iraq and reform of the country and move towards a state of institutions and the peaceful transfer of power away from the Baath methods offender and was called by the commander necessary] a tyrant buried Saddam, a description of the case lived Iraqis in 2003 before adhere culture produced practices and accumulations case of Iraq, where he arrived from an outbreak of the phenomena of corruption and waste of money wildly absurd manner led to flooding in the country's economic and social problems. "

In an attempt to lie to the Iraqi people about the funds in size in the state treasury, said that "regardless of clarifying Abadi office and as for the permit but we believe in absolute terms and we have the evidence conclusive that the previous government when it handed over the strategic inventories in 2014 to $ 76 billion , and this is installed when the central bank, and this evidence is not tainted doubt that the previous government of this amount had been delivered while she had received in 2005 amounted to only $ 14 billion, so it's not our business to listen to the accusations. "

He continued, "either from the intended commander of necessity, perhaps he meant any prime minister while the received opposition government after the fall of the regime, but say he was not prime minister at that time, and regardless of what was issued to say that he does not value the topic for the existence of the constants in the political process."

The prime minister Haider al-Abadi has attacked last Saturday corruption he described as "the ruler and commander of necessity" in previous governments, including the endowment distribution in times of elections, sparking the ire of a coalition of state law and the Islamic Dawa Party as a sign of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

He asked Abadi, in his press conference, "Why is there no reserve cash a government? Is it acceptable that the policy of the country are moving this way and lose wealth in those years? Opulence with previous governments and increased bidding by the leader of necessity .. Is that permissible?".

He stressed, "this may not be being does not belong to one because he belongs to the people and no one has the right be so kind to people and gives them increases even elect him .. this is not true", adding that "the distribution of donations in times of corruption elections should be held accountable for it, and we started so being exploiting corrupt election to pay for something that is not of the ruling king because he belongs to the Iraqi people. "