Integrity: We plan to write a draft of a new law to combat corruption

Publishing Date: Wed, 07 Oct 2015 16:06:15 | Views: 23
BAGHDAD - News Today

Integrity Commission announced that it was writing the draft anti-corruption law and submitted it to the House of Representatives for a vote.

The head of the agency Hassan al-Yassiri Abaraleom's that "Iraq needs system to new laws in line with the status quo," stressing that "there is inter old laws since the sixties of the last century are not in line with the present time."

Yasiri He added that "a new phase body amendments to certain penal provisions to combat crime laws, as well as drafting a new law to combat corruption and forwarded to the House of Representatives for a vote."

Was launched last Monday, the activities of the National Integrity Week, which is scheduled to continue until the twelfth of this month of October.

Integrity Commission confirmed earlier, that corruption is no longer the case, but has become a phenomenon affecting the structure of the state, pointing out that the Commission referred the thousands of different issues of the accused to justice.

The Commission also said that the commission is working to open all files of corruption regardless of their qualities and functions accused of corruption while stressing its president Hassan al-Yassiri that tackling corruption is not the responsibility of the supervisory authorities it is the responsibility of everyone, starting from the ministries through the institutions of civil society and the end of the government, which raised the banner of reform and the fight against corruption .