Financial: 2016 budget bill did not include Baghdad and Erbil crisis solutions

The balance of news - Member of the parliamentary Finance Committee, Massoud Haider Rustom, Wednesday, the general budget bill 2016 does not contain solutions to the financial crisis between Baghdad and Erbil.

Rustam said to balance news that "the parliamentary Finance Committee discussed the financial problem between the Central Government and the Government of Iraq devoted, with Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, meeting host Committee the Minister."

He said a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee that "budget bill 2016 does not contain solutions to the financial crisis between Baghdad and Arbil, because this matter is left to the political agreements between the territory and the Federal Government, this does not believe that this issue will be resolved in the budget law, and so far there are no signs on the meetings between the parties."

The parliamentary Finance Committee member Sarhan Ahmed stressed that the shortfall in 2016 budget estimated 29 trillion Iraqi dinar ", stating that" bad policies of previous Governments and not exploited for oil imports at that time led to financial deterioration in Iraq now."

"The parliamentary economy Committee member Mohammed Abbas affirmed that" balancing next year 2016 o take into account military requirements needed by Iraq in its war against terror, daash stating that "the political and security situation in the country will affect its form."

And imposed Government austerity measures in the budget to 2015 because of low oil prices and charged 50 dollars per barrel, the abolition of unnecessary expenses.

Referred to as "the Member of the Parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment najeeba Najib outweighed earlier to balance news, cut the price of a barrel of oil to $ 40 in fiscal balance for 2016", stressed that "the budget will come to Parliament soon.

Referred to as "the Member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Ahmed Hama assured/balance-news, last Wednesday, that lower oil prices will increase an additional $ deficit fiscal budget for next year by $ 1 billion.

This "and the head of the Parliamentary Committee of services and reconstruction Nazem Saadi/balance News earlier that his Committee would compel the Government to allocate funds to the fiscal budget for next year 2016 to implement projects, among the priority projects will be to services."

In "Economist Antoine name need to look at balancing 2016 estimate real deficit", adding that "Iraq will face risks if it continues to rely on International Monetary Fund sources and local banks and foreign loans"./finished 29/10