Reconciliation of Parliamentary intention to extend invitations to Ambassadors of neighbouring countries to attend Iraqi national dialogue extended

Baghdad/sourcing Centre for the Iraqi media network (IMN) - said the Reconciliation Commission, accountability and representative, Wednesday, they began to develop an extensive preparations for the national reconciliation, noting that they are invitations to Ambassadors of neighbouring countries of Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran to attend Iraqi national dialogue.

Committee member Mohammed Naji (IMN) that "by inviting ambassadors of neighbouring States to want to say that Iraqis are able to engage in a common dialogue and work together to edit and build their country and without interference".

He welcomed House Speaker Dr. Salim al-Jabouri, a large conference for national reconciliation in the month of December, called the national dialogue Conference.

Naji noted that "the Conference will see the host all heads of political blocs and the three presidencies and all elders who have a significant impact on their attendance in genuine national reconciliation."

According the Reconciliation Committee and parliamentary accountability, last month, that no effective role in terms of reunion parties that want to engage in a national reconciliation, noting that it "formally addressed the Presidency of Parliament to provide support to the Parliamentary Committee.

Naji continued that "reconciliation of parliamentary work in coordination with the President of Parliament to put the preparations and launch of a national dialogue with all political parties not involved with terrorism."

The President called Iraq clerics khaalid publicly last month, the Federal Government conduct a genuine national reconciliation between moderate political and religious authorities of the Sunni community.