Integrity: we intend to draft a new law to fight corruption

Baghdad/sourcing Centre for the Iraqi media network (IMN) - said impartiality was in the process of writing a draft anti-corruption law and submitted it to Parliament for a vote.

He said Chairman Hassan Al-yasiri (IMN) that "Iraq need new laws system in line with the current situation", adding that "there are among the old laws since the 1960s do not conform to the present time."

Al-yasseri said that "body developed new amendments to some laws of criminal texts to combat crime, as well as the draft of a new law against corruption and forwarded to Parliament for a vote.

And on Monday, the national integrity week, which is scheduled to last until the 12th of October.

Integrity Commission confirmed earlier that corruption is no longer the case but became a phenomenon affecting the entity of the State, pointing out that the Commission referred thousands of people accused of different issues.

The Commission also said that the Commission is working to open all files of corruption, regardless of the characteristics and functions of the corrupt Chairman Hassan Al-yassiri stressed that tackling corruption is not the responsibility of the regulators, it is the responsibility of everyone, starting from line ministries, through civil society organizations and the Government that banner of reform and fight corruption.