"RIBA" new challenge facing Iraqis because of the financial crisis

Date: Wednesday, 07-10-15 12:37 am

Baghdad: Baghdad news
The alarm bells, waving to lose your dream home, and was

Time wrote on the poor even deprivation of dream, Ahmed al-Janabi (38 years), stood on the edge of the abyss, to watch what Avni years old planned to achieve, and draws a map and choose the colors of the walls of children's rooms, reception and bedroom lounge home, like watch beta sand Sea tidal waves have come in moments. "
Al-Janabi says, "tomorrow", I seriously thought "borrow money" RIBA ", despite rising interest rates, after the delayed schedule Housing Bank Premium lot, which I never had other, engaged in construction, construction materials bought in installments, as the current system, used by the provider for the amount, and they distribute the remainder according to the dates, you joy in the House of my dreams, but it quickly dissipated as the days and the Bank's failure to honour its obligations and disclosure dates and delivery of premium for each stage.
Citizen shows, "the financial crisis coincided with the date of payment of the debts of the owners proceed construction materials, while delayed premium Bank embarrassed a lot and I was between two options, either to sell or search for the source of the money, didn't advance me a people know that my salary is reserved for payment of premiums, not me or another resource, I took look who gives me eight million dinars, but I was shocked by the amount of interest that exceeds 25% of the amount, with the dollar selling at less than the price so far.
Al-Janabi, he adds, "you know that it is haraam, but never in front of another option, my future and my family is linked to that amount, dizzying crises and debt, because the political stupidity, and lack of economic planning, which made citizens victims of governmental decisions, hoping to receive the third installment of the premium amount to pay off my debts accumulated, and thinking method of payment of benefits.

Janabi apparently better citizen, Ahmed Al-Baghdadi (36 years), RIBA missed all his property and his family savings, and debt does not know what caused them to sell or how come from repaid, with friends bad assets to Europe. "
Al-Baghdadi says, "tomorrow", "I owned the largest store to sell equipment and supplies stores and salons in the city, where four close friends who trust them as workers, but I was busy with my own shop and melzati profile, and did not pay attention to what comes by the accountant does not fit and size of the shortage of material and equipment, until it was too late, when I discovered that my friends were they steal me".
He adds, "was a surprise awaiting me after the expulsion of the workers, I didn't expect it at all, it was the accountant received from processors and suppliers of goods without payment of the price, and if they register her owners as debts on the shop, to (230) million JD, all links stamp shop, and when the inventory of materials and compare receipts with what exists, it turns out that the difference is too large, the accountant buys the goods and sell them to other businesses at half the price for real make money and give some of it to partners".
Al-Baghdadi, the tracks "gone to the homes of friends and asked them to repay, they disguised it, I had to wave a lawsuit against them, but the greatest misfortune, while mark just three days after going for them, they emigrated to Turkey with each, and one of the European countries, I was presented with a fait accompli, which requires repayment of funds resulting from the shop as debts to their owners, after long negotiations, the statement of fact and the setback left myself, to keep what remained of my reputation among Readme And competitors.
And between the citizen, that "my father and my brothers sold everything they owned, and my mom and my sisters their savings and their Jewelries gold, but were insufficient to ensure half the amount, HP each to know we take in advance of money, but we didn't get any religion, I drove one of the usurers, who agreed to give me as much as I want of funds to ensure that my father and my brothers against the interest of 25%, of the amount per month, although my knowledge agreed that money burn everyone, but I convinced myself that verse (it forced non-PAG No he is not sinning that God is forgiving, merciful), despite knowing that the verse contained in the non-subject and place. "
And says al-Baghdadi, "today is awash in a sea of Office because of the accumulation of interest payments, and everything that comes from the profits go without, and I started making sure that God is punishing me for my actions and what made my hand asking for the pleasures of this world and poor choice of friends."
(The blind need only see judiciary), this reliable pawnbrokers in several labels and descriptions, some use the guise of exchange offices and the other selling household items, and even some shopkeepers selling wholesale trading funds have gone by the names of buying and selling interest, he also finds one Yunus Ibrahim, exchange offices and buying and selling currencies.
Ibrahim says, "tomorrow", that "some dealers crises and shop owners who don't care about the sanctity of profits, forced hunting down as prey, in order to ensure their credit funds they generate big profits without bothering to, inter alia, selling the dollar less than its price in the market by a wide margin, or buy the debtor one electric appliance cash price, and therefore the amount of interest and they distribute him ', which unfortunately is exploited by Joy publicly."
RIBA pre-Islamic ages mafakher attribute for masters, today considerably though outlawed to Muslims, but some boast today as our ancestors masters, monetary policy and economic management because of a growing phenomenon in society.
Economic analyst Hassan Al-Sarhan says "tomorrow", "RIBA evolves according to time and place, contemporary Aquarium features IQ relative to peers, they become usurious today smart card, pawned or any other officer, a retired btakth smart and pulled money from Shylock, guaranteed, and calculates the principal and interest to the lower exchange rate of the dollar, if it delayed payment, the creditor increases the interest rate on the principal amount of the price of a new society and so with every delay, so it deepens and becomes the interest amount times the amount Original from here problems start. "
Sirhan, attributed to "causes of recourse by citizens to this kind of financial transactions, the absence of economic and financial policy visions on State banks, demanding guarantees of citizens far from dreams originally have title to the property covers the price of the amount borrowed, or guarantors have large salary guarantee payments, and mixed and private banks to reduce these actions against raising interest rates which also fall in ruling on the treatment of usury, to keep the door open to dealers of crisis control the fate of citizens."
Iraqi laws and legislation developed many provisions and laws and regulations to limit dealing in RIBA, considered an offence prejudicial to honour, but as it appears in the street is not sufficient or proportional to current conditions in the country. "
And legal scholar, judge says Kadhim Abdul Jassim Al-zaidi, "tomorrow", that "usury economic crimes against honour, Iraqi lawmaker, punishable under the Iraqi Penal Law No. 111 of 1969, as amended, where the text of the chapter VIII, section I of article (465), as follows: (imprisonment and a fine not exceeding 1 million dinars, or either, another lent money in any way apparent or hidden benefit, exceed the maximum benefits possible legally agreed, the penalty shall be Imprisonment up to ten years if he commits a similar crime crime lender first within three years from the date of the first judgment became final).
Al-zaidi, the tracks "the dissolved Revolution Command Council issued resolution No. (68) (June 23, 1998), which stressed the penalty for the offence of" RIBA ", after the appearance of fictitious companies, known then as" SAMCo ", and note that many of the people who run money for profit, to guarantee promissory notes and instruments, which prove not stocks, and recording of complaints in the Magistrates ' courts to claim their amounts, and take legal action against those committing this crime, it is forwarded to the Court for a trial on the Crime. "