Abadi compelled to escape from the epithet al-Maliki Commander necessary
Dr. Osama Mehdi

GMT 10:51 2015 Wednesday, October 7th: Last Updated

The start of the meetings of representatives of the four-party alliance armies in Baghdad

As announced today the start of the meetings of representatives of the Iraqi quadruple the Syrian-Iranian alliance Russian armies in Baghdad, the al-Abadi said he is not intended as a "commander of necessity," al-Maliki, but Saddam Hussein, after pressure from the Islamic Dawa party.

London: Iraqi Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that his speech at the press conference last Saturday for prompt accounting of previous governments held the post for each of them, and the cause of wasting public money and the loss of the wealth of Iraq, and that this trend in the past to fight corruption and the corrupt.
The bureau said in a press statement Wednesday briefed Elaf the text, that "al-Abadi as long as stressed in his speech and in more than one occasion the importance of maintaining the wealth of Iraq and the reform of the country and move towards a state of institutions and the peaceful transfer of power away from the Baath criminal methods, and what was called the (leader necessary), which buried the tyrant Saddam, a description of the situation of Iraqis lived before 2003 stuck to the culture and practices produced accumulations situation where he arrived from Iraq spread of the phenomena of corruption and waste of money at random and absurd led to flooding in the country's economic and social problems. "
He stressed that "the government continues in its reform program, and that the fight against corruption stands at the top of its priorities, and will not hesitate to make any spoiler to justice if it is proven corruption, whatever its location."
Iraqi sources reported that the repudiation Abadi than prescribed Maliki commander of necessity, which was described as a former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein came after a meeting of the State of Law coalition led by al-Maliki, which is not involved or Abadi, where by calling one of components of the coalition party and Abadi al-Maliki of its leaders deplored Characterization of the Prime Minister and asked Abadi in a meeting with him after that clarify what he meant by his description that has raised political and popular and media uproar, he noted that characterization is intended Maliki, prompting Abadi to issue a statement today illustration.
The Iraqi prime minister has attacked last Saturday of corruption and described as "the ruler and commander of necessity" in previous governments, including the distribution of donations in times of elections. He asked, "Why is there no reserve cash a government," explaining that "the government received in its treasury three billion dollars in addition to the value of the debt of $ 15 billion. And pointed out that it is not until July (July) Payment entitlements oil companies for the past years .. he asked. "Is it acceptable that the policy of the country are moving this way and lose wealth in those years? With the opulence of the previous governments and increased bidding by the leader of necessity, is it allowed? ".
He pointed out that "the distribution of donations in times of corruption elections should be held accountable for it, and we started so being corrupt exploit the elections to push something that is not from the king of the ruling, because it belongs to the Iraqi people," what was interpreted as a reference to al-Maliki, who took advantage of the gains electoral wealth of Iraq through the distribution of money and gifts to win over voters.

The start of the meetings of representatives of the four-party alliance armies in Baghdad

Iraq's security and defense committee parliamentary announced the start of the meetings of the Iraqi intelligence operations, Russian, Iranian and Syrian armies room in Baghdad.

The MP said the Kurdish member of the Commission on Security and Defense Hoshyar Abdullah today that the meetings of the intelligence operations room to collect information on the organization, "Daash" between Iraq and Russia, Iran and Syria within the so-called four-party alliance has begun in Baghdad. He pointed out that all of these countries participate in the meetings of the six experts in Baghdad will be the presidency of the room periodically between these four countries, and every one of them be led for only three months, as quoted by the agency "Rodawo" Kurdish.
Abdullah added that this alliance has been established to gather intelligence, having identified the lack of seriousness of the international coalition forces in the elimination of al Daash who could occupy large areas of Iraq and seek to occupy other new areas. Abdullah said that Kurdish officials, especially those who occupy the security positions in Baghdad, were responsible for the non-delivery of information to the Kurdistan region about this quartet alliance and participation in, as the Army Chief of Staff is the Kurds share, but this position is managed now by the Arab component.
The prime minister Haider al-Abadi said yesterday in a speech in Karbala Speaking about operations that have been agreed on the establishment in Baghdad to face the organization Daash room, that this idea had been raised three months ago, but it is not so far implemented .. explaining that he is no contradiction between This agreement and the international coalition against Daash, which includes about 60 countries. He stressed Abadi that the quadripartite agreement does not mean at all the presence of foreign forces from the country on Iraqi territory, because that would be considered a violation of Iraqi sovereignty, adding that even air cover and strikes against Daash they take place with the consent and knowledge of the Iraqi authorities, including transit of foreign aircraft Iraqi airspace or its forays aerial reconnaissance and breast-feed.
He stressed Abadi on the presence of Iraqi interest to accept the Russian support in the war against terrorism .. He said: "We find points of convergence in this interaction in the interests of our conversation with the Russians already was going on and there are between 2000 and 2500 Russian fighter Chechen fighting in Iraq and Syria and they are fighters have experience in explosives, bringing to Russia to absorb the risk posed by these fighters and joined the war against terrorism. "