Demonstrations Friday in the green zone, Al-Maliki's home target!
Date: Tuesday, 06-10-15 03:54 pm

A source close to the civil activist leads protests Friday in Baghdad's Tahrir square that demonstrations next Friday will be
In the green zone and did not rule out that the demonstrators will travel to the home of Nuri al-Maliki lmsaelth on waste public money when he was Prime Minister, as well as balancing 2014.
A number of analysts and observers to Iraq, Tuesday, that the opening of the green zone as a granting the green light by Prime Minister Haider Abadi to protesters to storm.
They said in their own accounts on social networking sites, "the opening of the green zone is a warning to corrupt and spoilers that your doors became open to the people, or perhaps give a green light by the Prime Minister to the protesters for the purpose of invading the area and officials."
They called on the demonstrators to "continue their protests and their legitimate demands for the Elimination of corruption and corrupt people."
Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi on Thursday night opened the green zone in central Baghdad for the movement of citizens.