Abadi disowned from the words (Commander necessary) and bring with him the call


(Independent) .. discharged Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of his remarks on (Commander necessary) that have raised the ire of a coalition of state law and the Islamic Dawa Party as a reference to former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

The MP said the state law, Hussein al-Maliki in a press statement, that "the meeting was held yesterday evening for a coalition of state law in the absence of al-Maliki and al-Abadi and made it a private invitation and members of the coalition leaders generally resentful of these statements to the prime minister."

"The meeting resulted in the formation of a committee of leaders of the Dawa to go and sit down with al-Abadi to a statement giving permission sponsor stating who is (Commander necessary) as referring to al-Maliki, either speech unleashed that the commander of necessity is deposed President Saddam Hussein it was executed and years even before Abadi delivered to head the government either linked to this description with the corruption and the distribution of donations election days, it referring to al-Maliki. "

The MP pointed out that al-Maliki, "Abadi said the leaders of the Dawa that his words (Commander necessary) has been understood by mistake and it Aigsd by al-Maliki and we Ajpnah Is it possible that all the people and the media understand this wrong?! So Talibnah that come out on the media and illustrates this confusion and error that was true Maadeih "pointing out that the committee call" Abadi visit at his home and stand on the truth of the matter. "

The prime minister Haider al-Abadi has attacked last Saturday of corruption and described as "the ruler and commander of necessity" in previous governments, including the distribution of donations in times of elections.

He asked al-Abadi told a news conference: "Why does not have a reserve of cash a government," noting that "the government received in its treasury only $ 3 billion and there are $ 15 billion in debt and we are up to the month of July we pay benefits oil companies for the past years is it acceptable that we walk the policy of the country in this way and lose wealth In those years? With the opulence of the previous governments and increased bidding by the leader of necessity Is that permissible? ".

He stressed, "this may not be the property of not being one because it belongs to the people and no one has the right be so kind to people and gives them increases even elect him and this is not true."

The prime minister pointed out that "the distribution of donations in times of election corruption must account for it and so we started taking advantage of being a corrupt elections to push Shi is not the king of the ruling because he belongs to the Iraqi people," A. (end)