Member of the parliamentary power reveals three options to resolve the dispute between the Centre and the region

Member of the parliamentary power reveals three options for resolving the dispute between walaklimalsomret News Centre Baghdad revealed petroleum and Energy Committee member Jamal parliamentary Panthers, Tuesday, there are three options for resolving the dispute between the Federal Government and Kurdistan, indicating that one of the options is for the County to sell oil itself without reference to the Centre.

Panther said in an interview for alsumaria news, that "there are three options to resolve the dispute within the oil law draft fiscal budget for the year 2016, the first option is the survival of the existing agreement between the parties is the degree under budget", pointing out that "Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi preferred this option, also wants this option ask Abadi dispute oil square House".

Anticipating Panther "not to pass this option because it did not take the track now, the territory is also committed to contracts concluded with companies cannot pay 550,000 bpd, recent Disclaimer benefits oil companies operating in the region and Kurdistan officials ' salaries".

He said the Panther "the second option to solve the dispute includes a renegotiation of the agreement between the Federal Government and the KRG to serve interests", adding that "the third option posed some lawmakers is that allows the territory to sell full fairings for himself and not have any Federal Government commitment towards the territory as Kurdistan currently walked by the oil sales and has not sent any government benefits for the territory".

It was the oil Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said, (25 August 2015), Kurdistan ladder less than 50% of oil agreed to under the budget caused a significant deficit.

The President of Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani, (11 may 2015) that you want to implement the Convention of Arbil with Baghdad oil "is understood", threatened to sell the Canton oil "directly" in the event of failure to send Baghdad financial receivables.

The Cabinet decided, (2 December 2014), to approve the agreement between Baghdad and the KRG, which stipulates the handover of territory at least 250,000 barrels of oil a day for export to Baghdad, after the Kurdish delegation reached the Presidency of nechirvan Barzani with the Iraqi Government to agree on a share of the territory's budget and export of oil.