Iran's desire to increase the volume of trade exchange and support the Iraqi economy

October 6, 2015 19:47

Expressed body of the Iraqi-Iranian relations, during her meeting with the Minister of Trade Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim, her country's readiness to contribute to the support of the Iraqi economy and providing the ration card items.

According to a statement of the ministry, he said that "the minister Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim, met today with Chairman of the Iraqi-Iranian relations in the presidency of the Republic of Iran, the two sides discussed ways of activating economic and trade relations and the contribution of Iranian companies in construction and investment that are currently taking place in Iraq as well as the activation of bilateral agreements signed between Iraq and Iran in the economic fields.

"The head of the Development Authority of the Iraqi-Iranian relations, according to the statement, about" the desire of the Republic IRNA in increasing the volume of economic exchanges and integration between the two countries, thus contributing to the welfare of the two neighboring peoples, "adding that" Iran plays an important role in the region in light of the holdings of the economic and commercial potential it is possible to contribute to the support of the Iraqi economy, which has is also good potential still need international experience in order to mature and interact with the regional and international economy.

"He pointed out" that he discussed with Secretary of Commerce a number of economic issues and implementation of the paragraphs in the joint agreements between the two sides so as to enhance the bilateral relations and contribute to creating new mechanisms to increase the volume of trade exchange, as well as Iran's participation in supplying the ration card items being possessed Food industry competitive global origins as well as the participation in the activities of the Baghdad International Fair for its 42 ".

The statement quoted the minister, Abdul Karim said, that during the meeting" discussed mechanisms of the development of trade and economic work between the two countries and the possibility of improving economic relations to advanced levels by increasing the volume of economic and trade exchanges between the two countries, Iran and contribute to the development of Iraqi industries through the support of the Iraqi private sector projects and benefit from the Iranian experience in the food industry and its contribution to supplement the ration cards distributed by the ministry to all provinces in the country's vocabulary. "

"The economic relations with neighboring Islamic republic could reach the integration stage in the light of a suitable ground and the willingness of both sides to understandings more in light of the need and demand and required by the exigencies of the current phase of the importance of the role of Iran and economic support to Iraq."

Said Abdul Karim, "there is an understanding between the two sides to increase the volume of trade and economic exchange through the establishment of the Islamic Republic is a need to fill the requirements of the Iraqi economy and to secure food situation, which is important in the work of the Iraqi government the need. "