Economic specialist: the negligence of the private sector to Islamic banking push open government Mesopotamia Islamic Bank

October 6, 2015 19:48

Baghdad / nina:
Attributed competent in economic affairs Raad Twigg, asylum and the Ministry of Finance and the government to open an Islamic bank government, the delay / National / private banking sector to invest Islamic banking and leaving it without activation. He said Twigg told the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina / that "the great void Islamic banking market in Iraq, and not to fill the banking space by the private sector in spite of the long period in which it operates private / civil / banks in Iraq and the limited private banking activity with Islamic character which makes the door open for the banking sector the government to take its share of the Islamic banking activity. " He added, "The head of Iraq's Gate religious tourism in the world and requires the establishment of financial and banking arms of religious tourism in order to complete the work and the satisfaction of Islamic banking with the public nature of the legitimate banking services." He said, "The establishment of the government of the Islamic Mesopotamia Bank is aware of the importance of local Islamic banking market and polarized banking market Islamic foreign and the possibility that Iraq will be an important position to that market, especially with the growing demand for such Islamic banking products, although that market nine private and government sector."

A source in the Ministry of Finance, announced last Monday, about the government's efforts for the opening of the first Islamic bank in Iraq multidisciplinary, stressing that the new bank will have a capital of more than 130 billion dinars, adding that "the ministry has completed preparations for the opening of the first Islamic bank a government in Iraq after receiving official approvals from the relevant authorities for the purpose of direct action which according to Islamic law, "noting that" it is hoped the opening of the bank during the next two months. " He added that "capital is expected the bank would be between 130-150 billion dinars, and will have five branches, three in Baghdad and one in Najaf and another in the province of Basra," pointing out that "the five branches formatted fully respects logistics and electronic possibilities and even employees. " Noting that the bank will be limited to his work on Islamic Banking and also the granting of loans for the purpose of Murabaha real estate, cars and goods and to support small and medium enterprises in accordance with Islamic mechanism having been FAQ put through the consent of the legitimate Supervisory Board and will be a partner for the Islamic banks operating in Iraq and supportive of her. "