Interior Ministry: Iraq will have the best passport in the world with 20 seconds and will issue a 200 mph

Twilight News / Ashraf and Interior Minister Mohammed Ghabban at a workshop hosted by "martyrs of the police," a fund to implement the project passport and visa and portal according to an official statement.

The Interior Ministry said in a statement that it "has a high transparency and invite a number of specialized field of telecommunications and electronics companies to submit their offers during the workshop, which was held from 04.10.2015 till 10.06.2015 greeted by three companies a day."

The statement "and made nine companies for this project and participated in this workshop is to provide seven out of the nine companies which offers companies (Iraq, Germany, Britain, France and the UAE)."

And the opening of the Minister of Interior door discussion with representatives of the companies and stressed "the need to work with the latest equipment and facilities possible and taking into account the lack of information loss in case of data transfer from the old system to the new system and taking into account the time limit for the completion of the project in case of contracting with any of the companies provided."

The minister also stressed that "the Interior Ministry is seeking to be the Iraqi people the best passport in the world, and will be able to get it away from the long-audits and red tape, and modernly keep pace with the current development," noting that in "case of a dish of this project will be able citizen to get a passport within twenty seconds, and that the ministry embarked on this project to facilitate the measures advocated by the Iraqi government."

He added that "there are other objectives of this project, including the fight against crime and organized crime, and that the ministry will choose one of the companies developed after sufficient study by an ad hoc committee will be this work within one year, as shown in the offers made by companies, where he will be issued 200 passport at a time when the direct-mail this project. "