Kurdistan: Baghdad not dealt as a partner and must be the international mechanism of our activities

Twilight News / stressed the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Tuesday, on the need for a strong presence in the United Nations and to take advantage of the presence of the UN mission in Kurdistan to give the role of the province to participate in the formulation of priorities and developments in international meetings involving Iraq and not to allow marginalizing the role of the provincial government.

The vice foreign relations official in the Kurdistan Regional Government Dindar Zebari, in a statement Twilight News received a copy of it, that there are marginalized by the federal government not to carry out the paragraphs of the special Iraqi constitution with the participation of the regions in the formulation of foreign policy, noting that the federal government through Alashrsnoat the past did not dealing with the region as a partner in terms of the development of common priorities in the external dialogues and the effect of this even at the domestic level, especially in terms of failing to build the initial foundations by the country's constitution.

He said Zebari that the government of the province benefit from the presence of the UN mission because it has been successful more in Iraq by dealing with regular Foundation, a Kurdistan Regional Government as the mission has achieved success in the application of the oil-for-food must therefore be seriously considered and attention to the region's participation in United Nations meetings and the creation of a regular mechanism for it.

He Zebari expressed his belief that the time has come at the level of the province to reconsider how to deal with the UN mission in Iraq and find a suitable partnership with Iraq to ensure the active participation of the province in discussions in Oorkh the United Nations at the international level in all fields mechanism, calling for regulating relations with them so that there is a party concerned play their part to ensure the participation of the region in these areas.

And the effects of the absence from the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of the role of Alپeshmrگh in the war on organizing "Daash" terrorist and the role of the provincial government to receive some two million displaced Iraqis and refugees, Syria, during a speech during his participation a few days ago at the United Nations in New York meetings and praised the role of the popular crowd, resentment officially and popular in the province of Kurdistan.