Barzani: the financial crisis on the most influential citizens of the province and Baghdad did not comply

Author: AHF, RA
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06/10/2015 19:42
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Long-Presse / Sulaymaniyah
The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Naچervan Barzani, on Tuesday, said the financial crisis facing the region are the most impact on the citizens, and among lower oil prices contributed to the current crisis, despite the increase in the region to produce it, the central government accused not to apply the oil agreement and cut Kurdistan's budget.

Said Nechirvan Barzani, in a statement issued on the sidelines of a meeting with the Dutch ambassador in Iraq Jean and Altmans received, (long-Presse), a copy of it, that "the region is facing difficult situations because of harboring a large number of displaced persons and refugees as well as the war against (Daash) and lack of Baghdad's commitment to implementation of the Convention oil and cut the budget of the region, "stressing that" the region believes in dialogue to resolve problems with Baghdad. "

Barzani added that "the financial crisis burdened citizens," adding that "the Kurdistan region was able to increase its oil production, but the decline in prices in the world markets is the reason constantly financial crisis."

Barzani stressed that "the Government of the Territory committed to the process of reforms in all fields, especially in the financial and economic sphere," noting that "the issue of the provincial presidency that revolve around differences in views among Parties, which dialogues and negotiations be conducted in order to find a solution entertain all of us," stressing that " Of all the crises, the financial crisis on the most influential people of the region. "
He Barzani, at the same time "the wish and successfully Ambassador Altnmas in his new duties," expressing his "ready for any cooperation of the region and assign the government."
Barzani pointed out that "the doors of the province open to investment firms Dutch urges investors to come to the region and investment in it to be an assist him in reducing the impact of the economic crisis it faces," advance "thanks to the Netherlands military and humanitarian aid it provided by since the beginning of the terrorists attacks on the Kurdistan region." .
For his part, the Dutch Ambassador Jean Altmans and delighted "to visit the province and his country's commitment to support the region militarily and humanly," pointing out that "the historical relations between the two sides and wished cementing in all fields."
It is noteworthy that the Kurdistan region is suffering a financial crisis since 2014, due to cut employees' salaries by the federal government, while the two sides signed an oil agreement regulates the financial relationship, in December 2014, but it quickly collapsed after several months amid recriminations after sticking to it.