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Minister of Commerce confirms the US ambassador to Iraq's desire to develop trade relations with US companies

Baghdad / Baghdadi News / ... welcomed the Minister of Trade Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim, on Tuesday, with the participation of US companies in tenders ration card, and while stressing the importance of prices are provided by these companies according to the international price structure, said the ministry's keenness on developing trade relations with US companies .

He said a ministry statement received / Baghdadi News / copy of it, " Commerce Minister Mohammed Abdel-Karim Mlas discussed with the US ambassador in Baghdad, economic and trade relations between the two countries and activating the Memorandum of Understanding and to serve the common interests between them " .

He stressed Abdul Karim, according to the statement, the "ministry's keenness and desire to sign memorandums of understanding with the US government and companies to frame the work and ensure that the ministry companies on commercial agencies, exclusive of US companies in the construction industry, grain and other goods and materials that are handled by the ministry companies".

He welcomed the Secretary of Commerce to "participate in tenders ministry leading import own vocabulary ration card distributed by the ministry for more than US companies 34 million Iraqi citizens".

He stressed the Minister of Commerce, on "the importance that the prices provided by these companies are according to the international price structure and specifications which operates the ministry in the importation of goods and the application of government regulations in this area".

During the meeting, to discuss the outstanding problems faced by some US companies, said Minister of Trade that he "will work in this stage to solve the outstanding issues with this company and so out of the ministry's keenness on developing trade relations with US companies".

For his part, US Ambassador emphasized the desire of US companies on the ministry's processing of rice and wheat, through participation in tenders announced by the ministry.

He is stressing his country's desire to " raise the volume of trade exchange between the two countries and a way that serves the interests of both sides " .

The statement said that he "was the review of the US support for Iraq in the fight against gangs organizing terrorist Daash", stressed Ambassador "his country's readiness to continue and continue humanitarian and logistical and material support to fight those gangs". According to the statement.

Bankers: Islamic banks share of the market is estimated to 45% compared to conventional banks share

CEOs of a number of Islamic banks said that Islamic banks grow strong and rapid rates, compared to the traditional banking sector, arguing that Islamic banks are estimated share of the market with 45% share compared to conventional banks. They, on the sidelines of the second session of the work of Islamic economics summit, which was held in Dubai yesterday, that the sector needs to unify the standards and laws ...

Entry Bankers: Islamic banks share of the market is estimated to 45% compared to the share of traditional banks first appeared on the independent press agency.