Sheikh Mohammed, emphasizes the need for reforms harmony with the law and the Constitution

Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Iaram Sheikh Mohammed, Tuesday, on the need to implement reforms to include all state institutions, in line with the laws and constitution of Iraq, pointing to a weakness in the level of cooperation between government institutions.

Said Sheikh Mohammed's office said in a statement the agency / information / received a copy of it, "Deputy Speaker of Parliament, received today, Vice President of the United Nations Mission in Iraq (Georgi Boston) and his accompanying delegation."

The Sheikh Mohammed, according to the statement, "the need to find solutions to the outstanding files of oil and the problems between Baghdad and Erbil prior to the approval of the Federal going forward in 2016".

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, "the need to be proportionate to the reform packages with the Constitution and laws in order to underpin it for the next stages and that Will you be action within just individual attempts, but Atnhsr reforms within the question of reduction of salaries and expenses and the abolition of privileges for officials and feminine ministries and merge them."

He pointed to "a weakness in the area of ​​inter-institutional cooperation, noting the importance of progress steps towards political reform, and the resumption of dialogues and meetings between the political blocs to resolve the contentious laws that would push the political process forward in the case of the adoption of those laws."

For his part, Posten stressed that "the mission is following developments in the situation and what is happening. Lots of events and wishes to accelerate the implementation of reforms."Finished / 25 Q